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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Math/CS Colloquium on the Topology of DNA
A Discussion on the Tangle Model: An Application of Topology by Dr. Candice Price, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, United States Military Academy

The tangle model was developed in the 1980's by professors DeWitt Sumner and Claus Ernst. This model uses the mathematics of tangles to model protein-DNA binding. An n-string tangle is a pair (B,t) where B is a 3-dimensional ball and t is a collection of n non-intersecting curves properly embedded in B. N-string tangles are formed by placing 2n points on the boundary of B, and attaching n non-intersecting curves inside B. Tangles, like knots and links, are studied through their diagrams. In the tangle model for DNA site-specific recombination, one is required to solve simultaneous equations for unknown tangles which are summands of observed DNA knots and links. This discussion will give an introduction of the tangle model including definitions.

Time: 11:45am

Location: Dana Hall, Collier

Contact: Dr. Kevin Hartshorn Phone: (610) 861-1374