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News Release

Moravian College students to tour worship centers

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)—In an effort to raise awareness of the diversity of faith found on campus and in the world and model inter-faith collaboration, the Multi-faith Council at Moravian College will take part in an Inter-faith Bus Tour. The first tour is Saturday, November 22, from 4 – 6:30 p.m. at the Islamic Center of the Lehigh Valley. Students are invited to participate in the breaking of the fast of Ramadan by sharing in a light meal with the Islamic community. Students also will be given the opportunity to observe the Muslims in prayer.

This series of tours will take place over the coming year and will visit the various worship centers of the Lehigh Valley. Thus far there are plans to tour a local temple, mosque, synagogue, cathedral and sanctuary. While at the worship centers, students will be given instruction by the resident cleric in regard to the basic history and worship practices of that faith.

“This tour offers an opportunity for students to interact with the faith practice and history of different religions other than their own.” said Rev. David E. Bennett, Chaplain, Moravian College, and Moravian Theological Seminary. “The trips will help students gain an increased sensitivity, awareness, and appreciation of other faiths.

The Multi-faith Council at Moravian College is composed of 8-10 students representing different faiths. Among the groups objectives are modeling collaboration, cooperation, and understanding spiritual issues outside of mainstream religions. The group seeks to enhance identity of faith for self and others and raise the importance of spirituality as an asset for living. They also provide education about various world faiths and provide opportunities for students to explore, and confront misconceptions about various faiths.