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News Release

Moravian College to offer special topic courses
during May Term

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) - Moravian College's Office of Continuing and Graduate Studies will offer more than 20 courses - including several special topic courses not available during regular semesters.

Continuing the theme of Women's History month, Moravian College's accelerated 3-week May session, beginning May 13 and ending May 31, features a course highlighting the achievement of women - "Hispanic Women and Contemporary Issues." The course will study the social, historical, and political issues that Hispanic women face in today's world. Students will read and analyze novels, essays, plays, poetry, and short stories written by Hispanic women in the 20th century. All readings and lectures are in English.

The accelerated term also offers art courses in outdoor-fired ceramics and design, production, and pre-press: from pixels to ink.

Students heading for college in the fall can also jump-start or accelerate their academic programs with courses, day and evening, during two 6-week summer sessions June 3 - July 12, and July 15 - Aug. 23. Included in Moravian College's course offerings are foreign language courses in French, German, and Spanish.

Today's global economy allows students to connect with cultures from around the world. Moravian College's "Experience of Intercultural Literature" course explores the intercultural experience in contemporary literature through the study of American, Ghanaian, Indian, and other writers who depict their adjustment to a new culture.

For registration information for these and other courses, call the Continuing and Graduate Studies Office at (610) 861-1400 or by e-mail to dcs@moravian.edu. Counselors are available day and evening hours to help with course selection.