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News Release

Moravian MBA marks 15th year with release of Best Practices

"Meet the authors" reception today at 5:30 p.m.

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)- Marking the fifteenth anniversary of the first graduates of The Moravian MBA program, Best Practices: The Applied Business Journal of The Moravian MBA, contains insights from Lehigh Valley businessmen and women on the keys to their success. The Moravian MBA, founded in 1985 by Moravian College, was designed for working adults from the greater Lehigh Valley region. It is a business program built upon the ideals of a liberal arts education.

Santo D. Marabella, director of The Moravian MBA and associate professor of management, who served as the journal's editor, believes this publication is something alumni, faculty and students will be proud of. "There are many ways to demonstrate excellence in academic programs, " Marabella says, "but none are more valuable than ones which bridge the gap between theory and practice, particularly at the MBA-level, as can be found in Best Practices.." Marabella praises the commitment of the authors and business partners who worked so ardently and diligently over the past eighteen months to produce this publication. "Their support is another example of their investment in the continuous appreciation of our program's value, and our students benefit as a result."

The journal begins with an overview by Marabella and a welcome from Mrs. Frances Hesselbein, chairman of the Board of Governors and Founding President of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management. The Moravian MBA considers Mrs. Hesselbein, a native of Easton, PA, the Lehigh Valley's "first lady" of leadership because of her extensive work and well-regarded global reputation in speaking and writing about leadership. Following this greeting are a series of articles on "mastering business" by various business and academic partners of the MBA program.

The first article, "Customer Service Expectations Pervade Healthcare Environment," is written by Vincent D. Joseph, FACHE. Joseph is the Executive Vice President of the St. Luke's Hospital and Health Network. Having worked in healthcare management for twenty-six years, Joseph has held positions with major teaching hospitals such as Community Kimball Healthcare System (a three facility system) and Saint Barnabas Healthcare System (a ten hospital system). According to Joseph, customer service is not just for businesses any longer. In the 21st century, every successful organization - profit or not - will place their customers at the center of their focus. This article describes how one healthcare provider makes their patients' stay memorable.

A love affair with your employees may not seem politically correct these days, but that's just how Kathleen G. Zingaro, PHR, Vice President of Human Resources for Just Born, Inc., in Bethlehem, PA sees the relationship some employers have with the people who work for them. In her article, "The Perpetual Courtship - One Successful Company and Its Employees" she describes how a back-to-basics, humanistic approach yield mutual benefits for both employer and employees. Just Born, Inc.which manufactures such products as Peeps, Hot Tamales, Mike & Ike's, and Zours recently received the Governor's 3rd Best Place to Work Award. Just Born, Inc.. Zingaro's twenty-five year career has focused on "start-up and innovative change initiatives for employers and professional organizations."

Francesco Bof and Alessandro Tonti co-authored the next article entitled "Adapting Business Process Reengineering for Public Organizations: The Case of an Italian Province." Bof is a professor in the Public Administration Division of the School of Management of Bocconi University, an educational partner of The Moravian MBA. He organizes Public Organization Reengineering for government managers' courses as well as leading and managing projects in government reorganization initiatives in Italy. Tonti is also a professor in the Public Administration Division and has been a senior teacher at the school since 1985. Tonti's specialization is in company organization. This article looks at how viewing an organization's operations as a system of connected and interdependent activities has been applied to public organizations in Italy's government, and what American business might learn from their example.Identifying and recruiting the best leaders is vitally important for organizations, whether they are not-for-profit or for-profit.

The next article explores how understanding organizational life-cycles can help identify the best leader for the organization at the current stage of its development. The article, titled "KidsPeace - The Right Leader at the Right Time," is by.Santo D. Marabella, MBA, DSW, along with Jillian Acconzo and Justin Serpone. In addition to his work at Moravian, Marabella has worked closely with regional and national not-for-profit organizations and businesses in board development and planning. Acconzo and Serpone, undergraduate and MBA students, assist the MBA program with research and administrative duties. The final article in this journal, "Lehigh Valley Business: On the Threshold of...?" which suggests that what's in store for the Lehigh Valley is probably less a composite of its past, and more an orchestration of its potential. This article poses some intriguing possibilities and the challenges that may be debated but shouldn't be ignored.and is written by Mark S. Lang, PhD. Dr. Lang helped create Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Partnership, and served as its Executive Director for fourteen years. Currently, Dr. Lang is pursuing next generation developments oriented around innovation, collaboration, and leveraging e-business in the new economy.

The next section of the journal, Recommended Reading, features a publication by MBA professor, Peter von Allmen, the Economics and Business Department Chair at Moravian College, and his colleague, Michael Leeds of Temple University, team-taught a course in the relationship of sports to economics, but could not find an appropriate text book from which to teach, so they wrote their own, The Economics of Sports. Published in 2001, the book is currently being used as a textbook for intermediate economics course in the United States and

The final section of the journal, Practically Speaking, showcases the work of students of the 2002 graduating class of The Moravian MBA. Students in the capstone class participate in a Strategic Challenge Project with a Lehigh Valley business or not-for-profit organization. The projects vary in scope and topic, with some addressing issues as broad as articulating the organization's vision to the more narrow task of assessing customer awareness. Regardless of the project, students have the opportunity to apply in the "boardroom" what they learn in the classroom.

A "Meet the Authors" reception, celebrating the completion of this publication and the support of its authors and the program's business partners, will be held Thursday, November 21, 2002 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm in the Payne Art Gallery, Moravian College, Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus. This reception is by invitation only, but the press is welcome to attend. More information can be obtained by phone (610-807-4444), fax (610-861-1466), or e-mail: mba@moravian.edu.