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News Release

Moravian Volleyball Team Plays "The Price is Right"

Student walks away from the show a big winner

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) - While on a trip to California during fall break to play Whittier College and Chapman University at Whittier, the Moravian College volleyball team went on the Price is Right Show.

Women's volleyball player, Shannon McNeil (Reading Central Catholic High School) was called to be one of the first 4 contestants at the beginning of the show. On her last opportunity, she got up on stage, won a number of items, and almost made it to the final showcase. The telecast will air on Tuesday November 26, at 11 a.m., eastern time, on (CBS).

Moravian College had 23 people in the audience with yellow t-shirts with black print that read, "Moravian digs Bob." Bob Barker is the long-time host of The Price is Right. (Dig is a volleyball term for hitting a low shot before it hits the floor). Shannon McNeil wears the shirt during the entire time on the stage.

Moravian's women's volleyball team finished 26-10, 2nd in our conference and 2nd in the East Coast Athletic Championships-south region. You can check out www.moravian.edu and link to athletics and women's volleyball for more information.