Honorary Alumna 2006
Pamela RokkePamela Rokke

Pamela Rokke will be honored for her extensive and steadfast support of College activities at every level, and most especially its students. Mrs. Hurd noted that “Pam Rokke is certainly one of the most gracious individuals who has lived in the president’s house. She is deeply admired by all members of our campus family: students, faculty, and administration alike.” For six years, Mrs. Rokke also served as an active member of the Board of Directors of New Bethany Ministries in Bethlehem.

Recently the Rokkes were recognized for their contributions to the City of Bethlehem with a day dedicated in their honor. “Erv and Pam Rokke have sustained and increased the many contributions of Moravian College and Seminary to the value and beauty of the Bethlehem community, including the education of our children, an acclaimed musical heritage, extensive economic activity, and the aesthetic of a lovely campus,” said Mayor John B, Callahan. “They have closely linked the rising star of Moravian College and Seminary to that of Bethlehem, through increased collaboration and friendship with our businesses, schools, individual leaders, and government officials.”