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Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to developing an understanding and appreciation for multicultural perspectives in the Moravian College community by:

  • Fostering a respectful, open environment through cross-cultural awareness and community outreach
  • Ensuring student success by assisting minority students in their transition to the Moravian College community
  • Providing support and guidance to individual students and student organizations
  • Serving as a resource for educating Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary on matters of diversity
  • Providing opportunities for meaningful exchanges of ideas Orchestrating programs which stimulate social and cultural interaction
  • Raising the communities level of competence regarding cultural pluralism
  • Assisting in the coordination of Recruitment and Retention programs

The overall goal of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is to fulfill the Moravian College mission of bringing together men and women of all ages, races, and convictions or religious faiths in a climate that cherishes equality, fosters diversity, promotes mutual respect, rewards personal achievement, and develops individual character and potential.