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Campus Communications & Media

(List last updated January 2014 and will be updated periodically throughout the year.)

Names of organization advisors and student leaders are noted in most cases. Changes to this directory can be sent to Katie Dantsin.

The several different media communications and publications on campus provide an enriching experience for students interested in radio communication, writing, drawing, cartooning, layout, design, photography, or just about anything.

Benigna Yearbook

The Benigna Staff is composed of three sections - copy, layout, and photography. There are three editors of each division and anywhere from one to three editors in chief. New members are always welcome.

President: Dan Aquilino
Advisor: Richard Claussen


The Comenian is the student newspaper and is produced by the student editorial staff and staff writers. It offers the students a valuable experience in news writing, copy editing, layout, design and photography. 

Officers: Alyssa D’Ippolito
Advisor: Peter Richmond
Email: comenian@gmail.com


Junk is the “anything goes” newspaper that publishes monthly. It includes anything from humorous articles and music reviews to cartoons and fiction pieces. A student staff works together in writing, layouts and editorial decisions, but any student is welcome to submit a piece of writing or a drawing at any point during the year. Submissions for the 2010-2011 year can be made at any time to Caitlin Adolph at stcka01@moravian.edu or Box 2001.

President: Kate Cohen
Advisor: Joel Wingard


The Manuscript is the literary magazine on campus. All students are invited to submit the following types of work for review by the editorial board: personal essays, poetry, short stories, photography, drawing, painting, graphic design and music compositions (MP3s and/or lyrics).

Editor/President:  Khera Rufino
Advisor: Joyce Hinnefeld
Email: moravianmanuscript@gmail.com

WRMC, Greyhound Radio

WRMC is Moravian College’s radio station and the voice of Moravian College. Our purpose is to maintain a means of communication on the campus; to inform, as well as entertain the student body; to enable students to learn the operations of a radio station; and to give students hands-on experience in communication skills.

President: Anders Engman
Advisor: Joel Nathan Rosen