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English Studies is one of the cornerstones of a liberal arts education and also offers a variety of approaches to specialized study. At Moravian College, students are invited to explore the rich, multi-dimensional nature of English Studies through their engagement with creative expression and the study of culture and history, linguistics, literature, rhetoric, theatre and performance, and writing. Excellent preparation for graduate study, the English major also helps launch the careers of writers, critics, lawyers, reporters, archivists, speech writers, editors, teachers, publishers, and researchers.

Learn more:

  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Western Literature
  • The Experience of Literature
  • African-American Literature
  • Business Writing
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Tutorship I, II
  • Rhetoric and/of Narrative
  • The English Language
  • Introduction to English Studies
  • Public Speaking
  • Art of the Theater
  • Modern Drama and Theater
  • American Drama and Theater
  • Post-Colonial Literature
  • Prophets of Doom and Gloom? Science Fiction, Science Fact, and the Contemporary World
  • Literature and the Way We Live
  • Writing as Activism
  • Business and Community Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • News and Feature Writing
  • Poetry Writing
  • Theories of Composition and Rhetoric
  • The Art of Poetry
  • Shakespeare
  • American Literature 1800-1865
  • American Realism
  • 20th-Century American Literature to 1950
  • American Fiction after World War II
  • Contemporary Native American Literature
  • Chaucer
  • British Renaissance and Neoclassicism
  • British Literature 1780-1830
  • The British Novel
  • 20th-Century British Literature
  • Literature and Culture of Medieval Britain
  • Dramatic Literature and the Moral Life 1580-1642
  • Dramatic Literature and the Moral Life 1875-Present
  • Seminars in English and American Literature
  • Senior Seminar (Capstone)
  • English Internship
  • Special Topics
  • Independent Study
  • Field Study
  • Honors


The Writing Center offers peer tutoring for any kind of writing to all Moravian College students. Moravian College Theatre Company productions are presented at the Haupert Union Building in a 120-seat theatre-in-the-round that features advanced sound and lighting equipment. All members of the Moravian College community have access to networked Windows and Macintosh microcomputers in campus academic computing laboratories. The labs provide laser printing capabilities for Macintosh and Windows computers. Students may connect their own computers to the campus network directly from their dormitory rooms. This connection provides 24-hour access to network services, including printing, file servers, electronic mail, and the Internet, plus storage for personal files and access to campus software programs needed for academic pursuits.



  • Carole Brown
  • Robert Burcaw
  • George Diamond
  • Jack Ramsey