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International Studies

Minor Only

The International Studies Minor is an inter-disciplinary program designed to advance students' appreciation and understanding of the diversity of the planet through an emphasis on both the humanities and social sciences. More specifically, the program will seek to generate an appreciation for the interconnected nature of our world, to increase students' awareness and interest in world cultures and issues, to encourage international travel and study abroad, and to offer students an opportunity to apply a global perspective to their major area of study.

If you are interested in pursuing the international studies minor, please contact Dr. Jean-Pierre Lalande, chair of the Foreign Language Department.


Five course units, distributed as follows:

Political Science 115, International Politics (Political Science majors must take IDIS 110, World Geography and Global Issues instead)

Four courses selected from the list below, with the following restrictions:

  1. At least two courses must be at the 200- or 300-level
  2. Students may not "double dip" courses between their major field and the international studies minor (for example, you cannot count Posc 115 as both part of the political science major and the international studies minor)
  3. Students may not have more than two "double dip" courses between LinC and requirements for a major and/or minor
  4. Students may not take more than two courses in one discipline/department
  5. Students must take 2 courses in the Humanities and 2 courses in the Social Sciences