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The Department of Music at Moravian College offers a comprehensive curriculum of training in the theory, history and performance of diverse styles.  This study, integrating intellectual, artistic, and personal growth in a liberal arts context, prepares our students for careers in music education, classical and jazz performance, composition, sacred music, music research, and studio instruction.

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  • A Short Course in Theory
  • Jazz Artists and Epochs
  • Introduction to Western Music
  • Art of Music
  • Introduction to Non-Western Music
  • Music in the United States
  • Private Instruction
  • Women and Music


  • Vocal Techniques
  • Brass Techniques
  • Woodwind Techniques
  • String Techniques
  • Percussion Techniques
  • Piano Techniques
  • Technology Techniques


  • Musicianship I, II, III, IV, V


  • Diatonic Harmony
  • Chromatic Harmony
  • Form


  • Introduction to Conducting
  • Conducting
  • Orchestration


  • Western Music to 1750
  • Classical and Romantic Music
  • 20th Century Music to 1945
  • Contemporary Music Since 1945
  • Musics od the World


  • Teaching Music to Children
  • Teaching Music to Adolescents and Adults
  • Music Education Seminar


  • Choir
  • Women’s Chorus
  • Vocalis
  • Moravian College-Community Orchestra
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Instrumental and Vocal Chamber Ensembles
  • Early Music Ensembles
  • Jazz Ensembles
  • Greyhound Marching Band


  • Improvisation
  • Seminar
  • Recital
  • Project
  • Practica in Pedagogy, Literature, Composition, Repertoire, Sacred Music, Performance Techniques, Jazz
  • Special Topics
  • Independent Study
  • Field Study
  • Honors


Music majors may be elected to the College’s chapter of Delta Omicron, an international music honor society.


Special Appointments
  • Suzanna Kompass - Artist in Residence; voice
  • Sean O'Boyle - Artist in Residence; composition, jazz clarinet, recording media
  • Donald Spieth - Artist in Residence; orchestra

Artist-Lecturers in Music
  • Deborah Elizabeth Andrus, clarinet
  • John Arnold, guitar
  • Eduardo Azzati, voice, Women's Chorus
  • Sarah Baer, oboe, Women and Music
  • Andrea M. Berntsen, accompanying
  • Ralph Brodt III, trombone
  • Graeme Burgan, accompanying
  • Dan DeChellis, piano
  • David Diggs, oboe
  • Inna Eyzerovich, violin
  • Lou Carol Fix, recorder, organ
  • Anthony Gairo, saxophone, jazz
  • Linda Ganus, flute
  • Alan Gaumer, trumpet, jazz
  • Frank Giasullo, piano
  • Alison Gillespie, Celtic fiddle
  • Arianna Goldina, piano
  • Lori Huth, Suzuki piano
  • Robin Kani, flute
  • Linda Kistler, violin
  • Lou Lanza, jazz voice
  • Steven Mathiesen, percussion
  • Joseph Mixon, guitar
  • Gregory Oaten, voice
  • Kirk O'Riordan, composition
  • Nancy Terlaak Poot, Suzuki violin, viola
  • Bram Rader, accompanying
  • Gary Rissmiller, drumset
  • Paul Rostock, electric bass, jazz, string bass
  • David Roth, jazz piano
  • Martha Schrempel, piano
  • Kimberly Seifert, bassoon
  • Audrey Simons, cello
  • Peter Smyser, jazz guitar
  • Barbara Thompson, piano, musicianship
  • Debra Torok, piano, music technology
  • Scot Walker, bagpipe
  • Eileen Wescoe, accompanying
  • Todd Williams, French horn
  • Walter R. Wilkins III, piano, jazz
  • Andrea Wittchen, harp
  • Lawrence Wright, trumpet

  • William Bauman, Music Business Manager
  • E. Blair Flintom, Facilities Manager
  • Ronald Haas, Outreach Coordinator
  • Rose Panik, Music Institute Secretary
  • Cynthia Rommens, Academic Secretary

  • Paul Larson
  • Richard Schantz
  • Monica Schantz