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The Department of Philosophy provides students with an intellectual foundation from which to examine their own beliefs, academic interests, and personal concerns. The curriculum explores the history of philosophy, examining questions of logic, ethics, and aesthetics—and preparing students for careers as teachers, policy analysts, researchers, editors, curriculum specialists, and writers.

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  • 120  Introduction to Philosophy
  • 210 Symbolic Logic
  • 222 Ethics
  • 224 Applied Ethics
  • 226.2-227.2 Ethics Bowl
  • 228 Sports Ethics
  • 241 Ancient Philosophy
  • 243 Medieval Philosophy
  • 245 Early Modern Philosophy
  • 247 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philosophy
  • 250 Environmental Ethics 
  • 251 Philosophy of Psychology
  • 252 Philosophy of Technology
  • 253 Philosophy of Religion
  • 255 Social and Political Philosophy
  • 257 Bio-Ethics and Social Justice
  • 259 Medical Ethics
  • 261 Islamic Philosophy, Theology, and Mysticism (Also religion 261)
  • 263 Latin American Philosophy
  • 265 Feminist Philosophy
  • 267 West African Philosophy: Akan Ethics
  • 271 Race, Gender, Identity, and Moral Knowledge
  • 311 American Pragmatism
  • 313 Philosophy of Science
  • 323 Tibetan Buddhist Thought
  • 351 Epistemology
  • 353 Metaphysics
  • 355 Meta-Ethics
  • 370. Seminar
  • 381-384 Independent Study
  • 386-388 Field Study
  • 400 - 401. Honors
  • 190-199, 290-299, 390-399. Special Topics


Student research is encouraged through independent study and Honors projects. Recent Honors theses in philosophy include “A Discourse on the Philosophy of Animal Rights,” “Hermann Hesse and Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Exploration,” and a study concerning whether objectivity is possible. The department sponsors the Philosophy Club, and off-campus opportunities are available through study with philosophers from other LVAIC institutions.


Associate Professor; Chair of the Department of Philosophy

EDUCATION: B.A. & M.A., Florida International University; B.A. in Philosophy, Florida International University; M.A. & Ph.D., University of Miami

INTERESTS: Historical: Medieval philosophy and Modern Philosophy. Systematic: Metaphysics, Epistemology, American Pragmatism, Latin American Philosophy and Hispanic/Latino Issues

Associate Professor of Philosophy

EDUCATION: B.A., Oberlin College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

INTERESTS: Ethics, philosophy of gender and race, and cultural studies.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

EDUCATION: M.A., University of California, Santa Barbara, CA; Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

INTERESTS: Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Rights, Philosophy of Religion and Medieval Philosophy.

  • Frederick McConnell