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Political Science

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The Department of Political Science offers a curriculum spanning four subfields— American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory. By gaining an understanding of politics as art, science, and philosophy, students prepare for careers as ambassadors, journalists, lawyers, lobbyists, foreign service officers, legislators, archivists, and city managers.

Learn more:

  • American Political Systems
  • International Politics: How the World Works
  • Introduction to Political Thinking
  • The First Amendment
  • U.S. Workers in the New Global Economy
  • History of Western Political Thought
  • Basic Issues in Political Science
  • American Constitutional Law
  • Civil Liberties and the U.S. Constitution
  • Congress and the Presidency
  • The Politics of Personal Identity
  • Public Administration and Public Policy
  • Contemporary European Politics
  • Topics in the Politics of the Third World
  • Topics in 20th-Century
  • Political Theory
  • Topics in American Politics
  • American Political Parties and Elections
  • Politics and Popular Culture
  • Comparative Politics
  • Intro to Chinese Politics
  • Utopias, Dystopias and Manifestoes
  • Art and Politics in the Chinese Cultural Revolution
  • History and Politics of Women's Rights in Asia
  • Special Topics
  • Independent Study
  • Field Study
  • Honors


All members of the Moravian College community have access to networked Windows and Macintosh microcomputers in the academic computing laboratory in Monocacy Hall. The lab provides laser printing capabilities for Macintosh and Windows computers. Students with their own computers who purchase a network kit from the Center for Information Technology may connect to the campus network directly from their dormitory rooms. This connection provides 24-hour access to network services, including printing, file servers, electronic mail, and the Internet, plus storage for personal files and access to campus software programs needed for academic pursuits.


Field study is available in public policy advocacy organization, business, law, and local government. Special topics courses have included offerings in environmental politics, the politics of the 1960s, political propaganda, and women in Middle Eastern politics, as well as study trips to Israel and Egypt, the Soviet Union, and Cuba. The department supervises the Student Society for International Relations, which participates in the College Model United Nations, held annually in New York. Students may participate in the Washington Semester at American University, which includes opportunities to study abroad. The department’s visiting lecture series brings to campus international specialists.

    Visiting Instructor of Political Science
    Associate Professor of Political Science
    Professor of Political Science
    Professor of Political Science; Chair of the Department of Political Science

  • Hwa Yol Jung