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The Department of Psychology offers a broad-based program, committed to the scientific method, in the study of mental activities and behavior. With marketable skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate effectively, psychology majors are prepared for careers as behavioral specialists, vocational counselors, corrections officers, social workers, and psychologists.

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  • Psychology of Human Adjustment
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Experimental Methods and Data Analysis I
  • Experimental Methods and Data Analysis II
  • History, Theories, and Systems
  • Social Psychology
  • Animal Behavior
  • Life Span Development
  • Health Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Conditioning, Learning, and Behavior
  • Psychology of Women
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Personnel Psychology
  • Humanistic Psychology
  • Personality
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Tests & Measurement
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Infancy & Childhood
  • Adolescence, Adulthood & Aging
  • Developmental Application of Medical Technologies
  • Seminar in Social/Personality Psychology
  • Seminar in Experimental/Cognitive Psychology
  • Seminar in Developmental Psychology
  • Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Independent Study
  • Field Study
  • Honors


Department facilities in the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex include classrooms and laboratories, an animal room, research rooms, and supporting library space. Equipment includes operant chambers and related electromechanical devices, physiological apparatus, and computers. All members of the Moravian College community have access to networked Windows and Macintosh microcomputers in the academic computing laboratory. The lab provides laser printing capabilities for Macintosh and Windows computers. Students with their own computers who purchase a network kit from the Center for Information Technology may connect to the campus network directly from their dormitory rooms. This connection provides 24-hour access to network services, including printing, file servers, electronic mail, and the Internet, plus storage for personal files and access to campus software programs needed for academic pursuits.


Students have had field study placement at varied service agencies, health care settings, and businesses. There are frequently opportunities to work with faculty members on their research, and many students pursue independent studies or honors research. Students are encouraged to present research at one or both of two major annual conferences: the Lehigh Valley Undergraduate Psychology Conference or the Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Symposium, held in conjunction with meetings of the Eastern Psychological Association. In addition to an active Psychology Club, the department sponsors a chapter of Psi Chi, the national honorary society in psychology, and a student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management.


Associate Professor of Psychology

EDUCATION: B.A., LaSalle University; M.S., Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

INTERESTS: Applied and experimental issues pertaining to performance appraisal, work motivation, employee assistance programs, and work-family balance.

Professor of Psychology

EDUCATION: B.A., Carnegie Mellon University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia

INTERESTS: Social cognition and health psychology. Dr. Dunn’s current research explores causal attributions made by people coping with health-related problems. He is the author of two books, one on research methods in psychology and the other on statistics and data analysis.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

EDUCATION: B.A., Bucknell University; Ph.D., Temple University

Professor of Psychology

EDUCATION: B.A., M.S., D.A., Lehigh University

INTERESTS: Humanistic psychology, school evaluation research, sport psychology, and counseling. Dr. Lyons directs the department’s field study program and serves as the director of the Introduction to College Life program. He also serves as an evaluation and research consultant for the Davison Group Inc., a local humanistically oriented consulting firm.

Associate Professor of Psychology

EDUCATION: B.A., Drew University; M.A., Ph.D., George Mason University

INTERESTS: Parenting, attachment relationships, and peer relations. Dr. Schmidt’s current research explores how parenting style and parental attachment histories influence the development of attachment and social-emotional competence in preschool-age children. Dr. Schmidt also investigates how various types of stress influence these relations.

Professor of Psychology; Chair of the Department of Psychology

EDUCATION: B.A., M.A., Lehigh University; Ph.D., University of Connecticut at Storrs

INTERESTS: Clinical, community, and health psychology. Dr. Toedter’s five-year longitudinal study of factors predicting outcome following pregnancy loss was funded by NIH and has employed a number of students.

Professor of Psychology

EDUCATION: B.A., College of Staten Island; M.A., Ph.D., Fordham University

INTERESTS: Psychology of women, experimental analysis of behavior, behavioral pharmacology, physiological psychology, and the relationships between nutrition, brain development, and behavior. Dr. Zaremba is director of Moravian’s women’s studies program.