The Department of Religion provides students with a framework for the systematic study of Christian history, theological and ethical development, and contemporary expression in society. With this focus--and study in Eastern and Native American religions and Judaism--students prepare for careers as social workers, church administrators, rabbis, counselors, professors, and priests.

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  • 112: Hebrew Bible
  • 114: Jesus and the Gospels
  • 115: Major Themes of the Qur’an
  • 116: Paul and Early Christianity
  • 217: Paul Through Jewish and Christian Eyes
  • 226: From Prophecy to Apocalyptic


  • 135: History of Religion in America
  • 214: Classical Mythology
  • 223: Religions of India: Hinduism and Buddhism
  • 224: Religious Thought of China and Japan
  • 227: Ancient Near Eastern Religion


  • 120: Introduction to Roman Catholic Thought
  • 131: Jesus Saves? Salvation Metaphors in Christian Thought
  • 215: Christian Theology
  • 236: The Christian Experience of Sin and Redemption
  • 255: Latin American Liberation Theology


  • 130: Religion, Myth and the Movies
  • 133: Native American Religions
  • 136: Seeing and Believing: Women, Religion and Film
  • 225: Theology and Culture
  • 251: Modern Jewish Religious Movements


  • 210: Christian Ethics
  • 211: Christian Ethics and War
  • 212: Materialism: The Disenchantment of Nature
  • 240: Jewish and Christian Feminism
  • 245: Religion and Politics
  • 246: War and Peace in the Biblical World


  • 310: Methods in Religious Study
  • 370: The Senior Seminar
  • 385: Directed Study in Religion
  • 190-199, 290-299, 390-399. Special Topics.
  • 381-384. Independent Study.
  • 386-388. Field Study.
  • 400-401. Honors.


Students have access to the research facilities of the Center for Jewish Studies (a privately endowed institution located at Lehigh University) and to the outstanding library collection of the Moravian Theological Seminary (located in the College’s Reeves Library). Consortium courses in religion are regularly taught on Moravian’s campus by the faculty of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges. Cross-registration for courses on other campuses is also possible.


Students may take courses at Moravian Theological Seminary. The department has offered study tours to Koinonia Farm and other religious communities in the United States and to England, Israel, and Mexico. Religion students are active in the Campus Chapel Program and the Religious Life Council (a College committee).


  • Mary Faith Carson
  • G. Clarke Chapman
  • Donald P. St. John
  • James Yerkes