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Biochemists are active in all sectors of scientific life, from academic, corporate, and government research labs to science journalism and law offices to hospitals and government agencies at all levels. They are working to understand and combat human diseases, carry out forensic investigations for law-enforcement agencies, develop new and better pharmaceuticals, ensure food availability and quality, understand the impact of environmental changes and toxins on living organisms, struggle with patent issues in the courts, and advise politicians and the public on the science behind many of today’s major issues.

Biochemistry is a challenging field, and Moravian’s major is designed to help students develop their skills to meet its challenges. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, majors will take courses in a range of relevant areas, all intended not only to acquaint them with fundamental concepts and cutting-edge knowledge but also to help them become adept at using that knowledge to formulate practical approaches to real problems.

A major in biochemistry is excellent preparation for the pursuit of advanced degrees in graduate and professional programs and for positions in industry and the public sector.

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