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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate conferences, the Honors Program, and SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) allow students to delve deeply into areas of personal interest. Such programs also give students the chance to work closely on research projects with senior faculty members—an unusual opportunity at the undergraduate level.

2012-13 Honors Students
  • Andrew C. Benson
  • Marla R. Bianca
  • Takumi J. Bolte
  • Elise A. Bremer
  • Caitlin N. Campbell
  • Frank N. Capobianco
  • Victoria R. Clark
  • Jeremy M. Davidheiser
  • Jessica L. Davies
  • Steven N. Delturk
  • Margaret A. DeOliveira
  • Jacob R. Donchez
  • Nathaniel K. Ferraro
  • Sasha R. Halasz
  • Meghan E. McLaughlin
  • Amanda J. Moreno Bonilla
  • Suzanne N. Moyer
  • Anna M. SantaMaria
  • Steven T. Scheirer
  • Alexander R. Servin
  • Samantha R. Sheridan
  • Christopher H. Skorton
  • Haley V. Skymba
  • Rianne D. Stowell
  • Anthony E. Sullivan
  • Melissa L. Zirkel
2013 SOAR Students