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David Langhus

David LanghusEmeritus

  • B.A., Luther College
  • Ph.D., University of Arizona

Email: langhusd@moravian.edu
Phone: 610-861-1434
Office: Collier Hall of Science, Room 225

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Implementation of POGIL in the analytical chemistry classroom. Applications of chronoamperometric methods such as cyclic voltammetry. Coated-wire ion sensitive electrodes for transition metal analysis. Study of reactions involving short-lived intermediates by means of electrochemistry and spectrophotometry. Pedagogical application of a sulfide-free inorganic cation qualitative analysis scheme.

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  • D.L. Langhus, G.S. Wilson: Spectroelectrochemistry and Cyclic Voltammetry of the EE Mechanism in a Porphyrin Diacid Reduction. Analytical Chemistry 51 1139-1144 (1979)
Book Reviews
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