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Kevin Hartshorn

Kevin HartshornAssociate Professor of Mathematics (2004)

  • B.A, University of Notre Dame
  • Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

Email: hartshornk@moravian.edu
Phone: 610-861-1374
Office: PPHAC, Room 215
Personal website: math.moravian.edu/hartshorn/

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Geometry, topology, connections between mathematics and art .


Kevin Hartshorn has been at the college since 2004. His areas of  interest include low-dimensional topology and geometry. In addition  to the standard battery of calculus courses, he has taught a broad  range of upper-level courses, including higher geometry, real  analysis, and a special topics course on knot theory. He has also  been involved in courses reaching out to non-mathematics students,  including Mathematics for Design, freshman composition, and  Ethnomathematics. He is currently advisor for the campus Math Society  and has recently advised students in SOAR research projects. Dr.  Hartshorn also leads a regular "Pizza and Puzzles" activity, that  brings people together to solve interesting mathematical problems.