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Janet Sipple

Janet SippleProfessor of Nursing (1998) 

  • B.S., West Virginia University
  • M.S.N., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Ed.D., University of South Carolina at Columbia;
  • N.P., University of Missouri at St. Louis

Email: sipplej@moravian.edu
Phone: 610-861-1608
Office: PPHAC, Room 222

Areas of Research and/or Expertise

Adult health nursing; health promotion, community based practice; community health, international nursing, nursing ethics, higher education curriculum design/implementation, health care, leadership and management.


Dr. Sipple is a Southerner by birth and by choice having been born and raised in Eastern North Carolina. She returned to North Carolina after completing her undergraduate education in West Virginia. Upon completion of her graduate studies, Dr. Sipple began her nursing career at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.

As her experiences progressed from staff nurse, nurse manager, nurse administrator, and academician Dr. Sipple moved from North Carolina to Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. She has been involved in associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degree nursing education since the mid-seventies. Her various leadership positions in nursing education have provided her a variety of experiences in academic program design and redesign, nursing theory based curriculum development, program accreditation processes, educational consultation, development of academic partnerships, international nursing education curriculum design and implementation, and programmatic transition from associate to baccalaureate, diploma to single purpose college, and diploma to baccalaureate level curricula. 

Dr. Sipple’s current focus is the St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing, including further development of the baccalaureate degree program status through an innovative collaboration model with Moravian College. The St. Luke’s Hospital Commemorative School of Nursing at Moravian College was implemented August 3, 1998. She will serve as the first Chairperson of the college nursing program and continue as Dean of St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing.