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The Graphic Identity

Moravian College has a graphic identity, which includes a logotype and symbol along with specific guidelines for their use. Together, these elements create a signature look that provides instant recognition of Moravian as an established, enduring institution, while conveying our special place in higher education as one of the nation's oldest colleges—a small national treasure.

The identity was built upon careful research and work begun with the
Marketing Committee in 2000, which involved focus group interviews with all affected College constituencies. In the course of that process, much feedback was solicited, and many options for a typographic treatment of Moravian were presented.

The logo continues Moravian's tradition of using its most widely recognized and beloved symbol—the Colonial Hall cupola—as its logo. The use of this building in the logo is appropriate: Colonial Hall is the first point of entry for prospective students and visitors, is the administrative hub of our campus, holds special significance for our alumni, and is a community landmark. Its recent renovation points to the College's ability to grow and change to meet student needs. Further, the placement of the cupola within a circle alludes to Moravian's holistic approach to a liberal arts education and the education of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

We are pleased to present this graphic identity to the greater Moravian community. College-wide adoption of the graphic identity system is key to its effectiveness in communicating Moravian's distinctive brand. This manual outlines procedures, guidelines, and standards to guide you in the implementation of the new logo in a wide variety of applications. All schools, departments, offices, and programs of the College that communicate with external audiences will be expected to use the new visual identity in these approved formats. Used consistently and correctly, the identity will, over time, help to build a strong, coherent brand for the entire College and all its divisions.

Thank you for helping to make this program a success.