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Travel Blogs

Many Moravian students expand their horizons with off-campus study. Follow their experiences by reading the blogs below.

Habitat for Humanity Trip
Moravian College Habitat for Humanity 2013

Spring 2013
Follow Moravian students during their week long trip to Sumter, South Carolina, where they help local communities build two houses. Read blog...

C3 Trip
C3 Alternative Spring Break - Grand Canyon 2013

Spring 2013
A group of Moravian students, led by Dr. Diane Husic, head out for an alternative spring break service learning trip to northern Arizona. Read blog...

Jamaica Trip 2013
Moravian College in Westmoreland, Jamaica

Spring 2013
Moravian College students participate in a week of community service in some of the poorest areas in the western region of Jamaica. Read blog...

Costa Rica Trip 2013
Moravian College in Costa Rica

December 2012
The Moravian College Men's Basketball Team travels to Costa Rica. Read blog...

Habitat for Humanity Trip 2012
Moravian College Habitat for Humanity 2012

Spring 2012
Moravian College students travel to Pickens, South Carolina to participate in a Habitat for Humanity trip during Spring Break, March 4-10, 2012. Read blog...

New York City
Moravian College in New York City

Fall 2011
Students enrolled in the first-year seminars "The Great Museums of New York" and "Broadway and Beyond: NYC Plays, Players, and Playwrights" reflect on what they've learned. Read blog...

Moravian College in Spain

Summer 2011
Moravian College students spend the summer abroad in Spain. Read blog...

European Tour
Moravian College in Europe

Summer 2011
From May 26 - June 4, the women's basketball team will be playing four games including one against the U19 Czech National Team. Read blog...

Moravian College in Beeston Spring, Jamaica

Spring 2011
The focus of this community service trip will be house construction, painting, and interaction with elementary and middle school-age children. Read blog...

Moravian College in Historic Prague

Spring 2011
From March 5-12, follow Moravian College students as they explore the sights, sounds, tastes and magic of beautiful, historic Prague. Read blog...

Cordoba, Argentina
Moravian College in Cordoba, Argentina

Spring 2011
Follow Moravian student Katherine Pritchett '12 as she spends the semester abroad in the bustling city of Cordoba to continue her studies of Spanish and Political Science. Read blog...

Moravian College in Ecuador

Fall 2010
Follow the experiences of Moravian student Sam Grigsby '11 as he travels abroad in Quito, Ecador, for an internship with a grassroots nonprofit organization. Read blog...

Mystic Seaport
Moravian College in Mystic Seaport

Fall 2010
Follow the experiences of Moravian student Margaret DeOliveira '13 as she travels to Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. She will be sailing on the SSV Coriwith Cramer. Read blog...

South Korea
Moravian College in South Korea

Summer 2010
Follow the experiences of Moravian students as they immerse themselves in South Korean culture during a two-week excursion. Read blog...

Moravian College in Copenhagen

Fall 2009
Moraivan College was accepted as a civil society observer (NGO) for the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change. Read blog...

Moravian College in London

Summer 2009
For nine days in August coach Jim Walker, nine players and eighteen other coaches, family, and friends will travel to London for sightseeing and basketball. Read blog...

Moravian College in Italy

Summer 2009
Men's soccer coach Todd Ervin travels with the team to Italy. Along with viewing professional soccer matches, Moravian plays three games against Italian Serie D teams. Read blog...

Moravian College in Bermuda

Summer 2009
Women's field hockey coach Amy Endler travels with the team to Bermuda. Along with excursions, the trip features field hockey games against the Bermudian national team. Read blog...

Moravian College in Israel

Summer 2009
Hounds in the Ground - featuring the adventures of Moravian students, faculty  and other participants in the Ramat Rachel excavations in Israel. Read blog...

Moravian College in Mozambique

Summer 2009
Faculty members Dr. Lori Hoffman, Dr. Michele August-Brady, and Dr. Maria Schantz begin their work in Maputo, then travel to the province Inhambane to attend a regional meeting. Read blog...

Moravian College on Broadway

Fall 2008
Dr. Joe Shosh's Writing 100 class travels to our nation's largest city and live theatre capital to experience many different forms of theatrical events. Read blog ...

Moravian College in Rome

Summer 2008
Women's basketball coach Mary Beth Spirk travels with her team to Rome. Along with excursions to Florence, Montecatini, and Orvieto,  the trip features games against local teams. Read blog ...

Czech Republic
Moravian College in Czech Republic

Summer 2007
Neil Wetzel, assistant professor of music and director of jazz studies, spends ten days in the Moravian area of Czech Republic.. Read blog ...

Moravian College in Patagonia

Summer 2007
Musicologist Hilde Binford, assistant professor of music, and sons Trent and Alex travel to Patagonia, where they hike, glacier-climb, and explore the terrain. Read blog ...

Moravian College in England

Summer 2007
Professor Joe Shosh and eight students explore firsthand sites of primary interest to English teachers throughout greater London, Oxford, and Stratford-on-Avon. Read blog ...