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Moravian College encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact the event sponsor, or call the Public Relations Office at 610-625-7880 at least one week prior to the event.
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Nov 04, 2012
Student Ensembles: Clarinet Ensemble - Flute Troupe - WoodWind Trio

Deborah Andrus & Robin Kani, directors

Moravian College faculty Dr. Deborah Andrus & Robin Kani lead their wind instrument ensembles in some of the most beautiful, fun, & interesting music you?ll ever hear, written or arranged for their particular group of instruments. Aires will be in the air!
Time: 4:00 PM Location: Peter Hall, Hurd Campus
Contact: Bill Bauman 610-861-1650

Student Ensembles: Guitar Ensemble - Guitar & Flute Duo - Piano Duos

John Arnold & Arianna Goldina, directors
Time: 7:00 PM Location: Peter Hall, Hurd Campus
Contact: Bill Bauman 610-861-1650

"Faust in France"

Fall Production--ClassicalAdaptation

A New Play by Christopher Shorr

Based on Christopher Marlowe's classical tragedy "Doctor Faustus" In the trenches of World War One, with bombs bursting overhead, a German scientist--John Faust--tries desperately to crack the riddle of creating poison gas. When all else fails, he turns to the evil Mephistophilis for help. Selling his soul for the secret, Faust is condemned to live with the murderous consequences of his actions.
Time: 2:00 pm Location: Arena Theatre
Contact: Christopher Shorr 610-861-1489

Tell Me How You REALLY Feel - Handcrafted Diaries & Journals

From the Center of Book Arts
 Location: Payne Gallery, Hurd Campus
Contact: Dave Leidich 610-653-5555

Alumni Photo Show - Work by Edward Leskin & Jane Noel

Edward A. Leskin, Images from Home and Abroad: A 24-Year Photographic Journey: Leskin was born in Allentown, PA, in 1965. A lifelong student of politics and fine arts, Leskin double-majored in Political Science and Studio Art at Moravian (Class of 1988). During his last year, he acquired an intense interest in photography. He attended Pratt Institute, where he received an MFA (Photography) in 1991.

Artis'ts statement: My work mostly addresses issues bigger than the individual. Subjects over the years include the rise and fall of Bethlehem Steel and its impact on the community, the impact and legacyof the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C., the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the politics and social conditions in Russia, as well as many other issue of human significance. The camera offers an opportunity to express complex interpretations of real time events and issue that affect us all in some way. It is the act of pure creation from the soul motivated by events and themes that form hard time on many individuals.

Jane S. Noel, Tag Sale and Other Stories: The home is an archive of memories. But each family member has their own catalog. What happens when the family home is disbanded and the archive is no longer intact? In December, Noel's mother moved from the home where she had lived for 47 years. It was her task to clear what remained, a job most often done alone.

Artist's statement: I had the honor of studying Photography with Judith Joy Ross and graduated from Moravian in 1978. I continued my studies earning an M.A. from George Washington University and an M.F.A. from Vermont College of Fine Art. I primarily investigate the concepts of identity, gender, and contemporary issues. My medium of choice is photography but I am familiar with a variety of tools and will use whatever the project requires to complete the work. In my installation and community work, I try to create a context for interaction.
 Location: H. Paty Eiffe Gallery, HUB