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News Release

Moravian College to Attain Goal for Residential Life

Bethlehem, Pa., February 16, 2010—Moravian College will attain its goal and mission of being a residential college by increasing the number of students who live on-campus. Beginning this fall, non-commuter students who were granted releases to live in private off-campus housing will be required to live in housing provided by the College. The College is acting upon recommendations from its “DREAM Commission” report developed in 2006 which called for the institution to achieve the goal of being a 85% residential campus.

“We believe strongly in the benefits of being a residential campus and that there is great educational value in the experiences that students have outside of the classroom, and in particular, in the residence halls,” said Christopher M. Thomforde, Moravian College president. “In support of the DREAM Commission report and in an effort to meet the educational goal of being a residential college, we embarked on an initiative to build the HILL residence hall on the Hurd campus, which has allowed us to realize this residential campus goal.” 

“The college seeks to increase opportunities for students to grow intellectually, socially, and personally through developmental programming, educational workshops and social networking, and to experience the full advantages of community life,” Thomforde explained. “We believe that living on-campus as part of a learning community produces the most productive college experience for our students.”

The Hill (Hurd Integrated Living and Learning Community), which open in August of 2009 has increased Moravian’s capacity to house students on-campus by approximately 240.  Prior to the construction of the HILL, the College allowed some students to apply for permission to live “off campus” because it did not have campus housing to accommodate all of its students.

Students will still be permitted to commute if their permanent address is within 50 miles of campus. Those students who want to live at home with their parents or guardians, will be permitted to do so if they follow the appropriate application process. However, those students who, in the past, have applied to live off-campus and then rent locally and live with roommates will not be permitted to do so from this point forward.  Anyone not living at home with a parent or guardian will be required to live in on-campus housing.

Moravian College’s mission emphasizes its commitment to the value of being a residential institution. It states, “Moravian College is a residential, liberal arts college that draws on the Moravian traditions of community, engagement in the world, and balance among body, mind, and spirit in the life of the individual."