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Moravian Track Coach Mark Will-Weber Authors Running Trivia Book

The Running Trivia Book

Bethlehem, Pa., February 27, 2006—Mark Will-Weber, Moravian College’s head cross-country coach and assistant indoor track and field coach, recently released his second book, The Running Trivia Book: 1,001 Questions from the Sprints to the Marathons. The book was published by Breakaway Books, the same company that published Will-Weber’s first book, The Quotable Runner.

The Running Trivia Book presents a series of quizzes starting from “Bronze” for the novice runner and working up to “Gold” for the extreme running or trivia buff. The book also includes several beyond-gold bonus questions sure to challenge even the well-versed in running lore. ”You don't want it to be so obscure that somebody who's reasonably knowledgeable about our sport couldn't do well. Yet I didn't want it to be so easy that a guy who's around the sport…could pick it up and get virtually everything right,” Will-Weber explains.

Though he began is career as a sportswriter, Will-Weber is in his nineteenth year of coaching Moravian College teams. In recent years, he has found great success with the women’s squad, reaching the Middle Atlantic Conference Championships in 10 of the last 12 years and finishing in the top 10 at the NCAA Championships six times since 1993. He was named the Women’s Mideast Region Coach of the Year in 1993.

The Moravian men have also enjoyed Will-Weber’s guidance, achieving a 50-15-1 record during his tenor. As an assistant track and field coach, he has worked with a dozen All-Americans including three national champions and two runners-up. Prior to coming to Moravian, he held coaching positions at Lehigh University and at the high school level. When he is not leading Moravian’s teams to victory, he still races competitively. Will-Weber is a former member of the Saucony National Racing Team.

Despite being published several years ago, The Quotable Runner continues to capture new audiences. Both The Running Trivia Book and The Quotable Runner are available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and "running specialty" stores or through direct purchase from Breakaway Books.

About the Book: The Running Trivia Book: 1,001 Questions from the Sprints to the Marathons.

Mark Will-Weber has gathered a series of delightful trivia questions sure to entertain, perplex, and astonish everyone who loves running. They range from cross-country to track to road races; sprinters to milers to marathoners, and everyone in between.

This rich collection of trivia includes the great immortals of the sport, contemporary stars of the track world, pioneers from the mists of early running history, characters from running in literature, and even some hip-hop songs that celebrate runners. The questions vary from easy to medium to difficult, with a few brain-busters that might elude even the most hardened veteran of running trivia.

There is an endless supply of running lore and legend in this joyous celebration of the sport. It is all good fun, a book that can be re-read with delight many times.

  • Who was the first man to run four minutes for the mile? Roger Banister? No. Guess again!
  • What famous sprint star's running form was once aptly described by Simon Barnes of the London Times as "Groucho Marx chasing a waitress"? A. Jesse Owens; B. Butch Reynolds; C. Carl Lewis; D. Michael Johnson.
  • True or false: College track and cross-country meets in America were already being contested before 1880.

And a thousand more questions (and answers) inside.