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Nursing Majors to Visit “Body Worlds” Exhibit at Franklin Institute

Bethlehem, Pa., February 28, 2006— Moravian College nursing majors will take a close-up look into the human body when they visit the Body Worlds exhibit at The Franklin Institute on Thursday, March 23. This out-of-the-classroom learning experience, which is required for 71 students enrolled in clinical nursing courses, is funded by St. Luke’s Hospital.

“It is the nursing faculty’s intent to broaden student’s awareness of learning from multiple resources, not just in the classroom or from clinical practice,” explains Dr. Janet Sipple, professor and chair of the Moravian College Department of Nursing, “The School of Nursing’s professional field trip to the Philadelphia Franklin Institute’s “Body Worlds” Exhibit is intended to foster nursing student understanding of the human body, particularly human anatomy. The common travel and learning experience together will also offer an unusual day for student to student and faculty to student engagement and interpersonal exchange.”

The St. Luke’s School of Nursing at Moravian College gives students the chance to combine a liberal arts education with some of the finest health education available. Students enrolled in the nursing program take classes in a variety of disciplines on Moravian’s campus as well as completing more than 1,000 hours of clinical practice at St. Luke’s Hospital. They also have access to the collection of Moravian’s Reeves Library and St. Luke’s state-of-the-art Priscilla Payne Hurd Education Center.

The Body Worlds exhibit features more than 200 human bodies preserved through Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ process of plastination. Plastination replaces natural fluids with liquid reactive plastics, which are then cured with gas, light, or heat until they harden. Body Worlds contains 25 whole body displays, many of which are posed taking part in activities like playing soccer or chess. Other specimens instruct visitors on different facets of anatomy and health. Examples include a healthy lung and that of a smoker and the development of life in the womb. Body Worlds will remain at The Franklin Institute through April 23.