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News Release

Moravian Sorority to Raise Awareness and Support with 30-Hour Famine

Bethlehem, Pa., March 22, 2006—Moravian College’s chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma has joined efforts with several other campus organizations to raise money for children in need by participating in the 30-Hour Famine initiative on March 24 and 25.

The 30 Hour Famine is a program designed by World Vision to teach young people the meaning of hunger while collecting funds that are to feed starving children in impoverished nations such as Kenya, the Sudan, and the United States. Participants usually fast together, as well as engage in a variety of planned activities. Moravian students who participate will incorporate the experience to complete individual service projects. They also will use the opportunity to mingle with fellow students through ice breakers, board games, and movies.

The Moravian contingent is organized by Kristin Zacheis ’07, Valley Cottage, N.Y. and Joyce Owens ’06, Califon, N.J. “We hope to raise awareness more so than anything about how many people actually go without food on a daily basis. We are all so blessed to be able to go to bed full each night, but 29,000 children alone die each day from starvation or malnutrition,” explains Owens.

“[We] would like to raise at least $120 per participant and get not only the participants, but also the campus, to recognize that there are countless starving children around the world. The purpose of 30 hours is two-fold: it takes 30 hours for food to completely go through one's system and we are able to feel what it really is like to be starving, and also that a child in this situation is usually fed an average of every 30 hours,” adds Zacheis.

The fasters plan to form a 29,000 link chain. “Not only are the individuals gathering money to donate, but we are also hoping to walk around the streets of Bethlehem to collect change. We are selling [each link in the chain] for 10 cents and therefore collecting more money towards this cause,” says Zacheis, “Hopefully after the famine we, the participants, will be able to show Moravian what 29,000 links look like to represent [the number of children who die of hunger].

The turnout from the Moravian College community has been better than anticipated. An estimated 45 people are expected to join the fasting program. “We were very surprised and excited when we began receiving so many emails from different organizations and students who wanted to be involved,” says Owens. Outside of Gamma Sigma Sigma, Campus Community Connection, Moravian Students Against Sweatshops, the Newman Society, and the Moravian College Christian Fellowship are represented.