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Homeschooled Frequently Asked Questions


What do homeschoolers like about Moravian College?

The path of a homeschooled student can compare to how the Moravian student charters his or her four years at Moravian College. Students have the opportunity to take control of the path they choose to follow by working one on one with an advisor of their choice to shape a program of education that complements the student’s interests, and provides an integrated base of knowledge in the liberal arts. The intimate, friendly campus provides plenty of opportunities to receive personal attention from faculty. Most faculty offices are only a few steps away from the classrooms, and professors are available at many hours beyond their class schedules. This provides students the opportunity to receive individual attention academically or personally.

Besides having an approachable faculty, the educational opportunities are infinite. The Add-Venture program is designed for students who wish to concentrate in two or three academic areas or who already have a significant background in the liberal arts. The opportunity to self-design a major allows homeschooled students the freedom to continue their personal pursuit, much like in their previous schooling experience.

Choosing to participate in an honors project and/or the SOAR program provides students with meaningful preparation for graduate school and professional careers. In addition, Moravian College is part of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges, and academic consortium which shares faculty, facilities and social and cultural events. As such, students have the opportunity to expand their course of study by taking classes at any of our partner schools, which include Cedar Crest College, DeSales University, Lafayette, Lehigh University, and Muhlenberg College – at no extra cost.

What is the suggested high school preparation curriculum?

  • 4 units in academic English
  • 3 or more units in academic mathematics
  • 3 or more units in academic natural science (two must include laboratory experience) 
  • 4 or more units in academic social science
  • 2 or more units in foreign language
  • Additional electives chosen to prepare for successful study in a liberal arts program

Does Moravian College accept Advanced Placement for credit?

College credit is typically granted for advanced placement scores of 3 or higher. Please see the AP Credit Policy for more details.

Will Moravian College accept college credits that have been completed during the high school experience?

If you have already enrolled in or plan to enroll in any academic program in addition to your academic career (example, college-level courses through a local college or university), please submit those credentials with your application in addition to the coursework documentation. Accredited program credits may be transferable to Moravian College.

Does Moravian College offer academic scholarships to homeschooled students?

Homeschooled students will be evaluated for academic scholarships in the same way as a traditional high school student. Moravian College offers merit scholarships to students without regard to financial need. Merit scholarship programs are designed to recognize outstanding achievements, special talents, and future promise of selected students who have demonstrated the potential to make significant contributions while enrolled at Moravian. Annual renewal is contingent upon the student’s maintaining a specified quality-point average. The number of scholarships is limited. Preference is given to on-time applicants.