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International Students Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Moravian College?

Moravian is a private, coeducational, selective liberal arts college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. There’s a choice of B.A., B.S., or B. Music with a choice of over 50 undergraduate programs. The intimate campus has an enrollment of 1600 students. Housing is guaranteed for four years with the most up to date facilities like the Hill. Internet access is throughout campus with over 80 clubs and organizations to actively engage in!

What are Moravian’s academic programs?

Moravian offers more than 50 majors and courses of study, but students are not confined to a narrow field of study. Students can self-design a program of study that is relevant to their academic area of interest. Through our Learning in Common curriculum students take courses in multidisciplinary clusters designed to complement one another and help students make connections among academic programs of study. And rather than limit such exposure to the first two years, Moravian encourages students to continue seeing their work in broad perspective throughout their college years. Moravian offers programs of study leading to three baccalaureate degrees (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Music) Cooperative programs (degree programs offered in cooperation with other educational institutions) are offered in allied health professions, engineering, geology, and natural resource management. To see a full list of our programs, please visit our Academics website.

What are the experiences beyond the classroom at Moravian?

Independent study, SOAR (student opportunities for academic research), and Honors research programs allow students to delve deeply into areas of personal interest. Such programs also give students the chance to work closely on research projects with senior faculty members—an unusual opportunity at the undergraduate level. The Moravian Stars program helps these students and other high-achieving students to apply for national scholarship and fellowships—including Woodrow Wilson, Goldwater, Truman, Udall, and Fulbright scholarship—to continue their academic and professional work and financial support their continuing education. With the help of faculty advisors, some students develop independent study or field study projects that take them into community agencies, public schools, or the corporate world.

The International Club is organized for the benefit of international students but welcomes all students to plan social activities, trips, lectures, and the annual International Dinner held in the spring. International students participate in student government, sing with the world-renowned College Choir, play in intramural and varsity sports, help direct the student-managed Amrhein Investment Fund, take active part in professional societies related to their studies, and make lasting friendships with American students, faculty, staff, and graduates of the College.

Is there support for international students?

Moravian College is committed to providing services that assist students in achievement of academic success under the direction of the Department of International Studies. It is assumed that all students may wish to use these services at some time in order to attain the highest level of performance possible. Also, the Academic Assistance Services Department supplements the classroom experience with assistance from the director, tutors, and peer assistants who help students develop specific strategies for learning and test taking. All services are coordinated with other College services such as the Writing Center, Foreign Language and Mathematics Department tutoring services, and other departmental services.

Are there required financial aid forms?

Please fill out the International Student Certification of Finances form along with the International Student Financial Aid Application.

How is Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as a place to live?

The City of Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley offer Moravian students a rich blend of history, culture, and recreation. Moravian is located in lively Bethlehem, a small city noted for its historic sites, musical events, (especially Musikfest in August!), craftsmanship and art, and local history. Near Bethlehem are Allentown and Easton. Together they form the Lehigh Valley metropolitan area, home to nearly three-quarters of a million people and eight colleges and universities. With its founding date of May 1742—five months after the founding of Bethlehem—Moravian College is the sixth oldest college in the nation. Two vibrant cities are near the city of Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley. New York City is 144 kilometers east and Philadelphia is 96 kilometers south. Both cities are easily accessible by public transportation.

What are the requirements to gain admission?

At Moravian College we expect our students to be academically engaged and to be active in promoting on-campus activities. We look for these same qualities among our applicants. During the application process your admission counselor will closely review your application through a comprehensive approach. Admissions decisions are based on the totality of your high school career. Items such as your transcript, including course selection and performance in those classes, extracurricular activities, leadership skills, community activism and recommendations will be closely assessed. Standardized test scores are required but we place greater emphasis on your entire application, especially your transcript. Students need to be proficient in the language, therefore we require the SAT, the TOEFL or the IELTS for admission consideration.

What should I do once I get my visa?

In order to obtain a visa for study in the U.S., you must furnish the U.S. embassy or consulate with proof of sufficient financial support throughout your time of study at Moravian. . Moravian College expects a consistent family contribution each year that you are enrolled and requires documentation as verification.

Is employment available for international students?

U.S. immigration law allows all international students to work on campus up to 20 hours per week and full time when classes are not in session. Immigration law prohibits international students from working off campus unless economic hardship or optional practical training has been approved.