Lisa Roth '81
CEO of Keystone Capital Corp.

Entrepreneurial Compass

Lisa Roth has risen to the top of an occupation that helps companies comply with government rules and regulations. And she did so by steering around and through the rules generally assumed to apply to life.

Lisa was forced to take a detour from her original plan to finish college in four years when, two years after she began, she found herself divorced with two small children. Instead of hunkering down and making the best of a low-wage job, she scraped together enough money to buy a hair salon. “Image Makers” caught on at its Allentown location, with 29 employees and a bustling trade. During her busiest years, she took occasional courses and eventually completed her degree in history nearly 10 years after her original class had graduated.

She credits her Moravian faculty mentors for keeping her focused on her goals, while providing “a steadying influence that allowed for no pity parties.” This solid academic foundation, along with opportunities to participate in choir, intramural sports, and other co-curricular activities, helped Lisa develop the internal compass that still guides her today.

By 1991, she had graduated, sold the business, and moved to southern California where she went to work at a brokerage firm as a receptionist. Five years later, she was president of the company, climbing through the ranks among brokers whom she liked and respected but who, she noted, lacked a natural leader. She became that leader.

After years of building experience in the securities industry, and determined to provide meaningful solutions for even the most challenging regulatory obstacles, she founded a compliance technology company, ComplianceMAX. Here, her Moravian education truly paid dividends. “Although my field is highly technical and industry-specific, the culture of creativity and continuous improvement that I learned at Moravian strongly influenced the development and eventual sale of my business.” Lisa continues to leverage her entrepreneurial spirit in Keystone Capital Corporation, a securities broker-dealer and certified Women’s Business Enterprise headquartered in San Diego.


Lisa Roth

"At Moravian, I learned the importance of a culture of creativity and continuous improvement."