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News Release

Moravian celebrates Patricia McAndrew '68

honored by Royal Danish Ballet

More than 80 friends and associates of Patricia N. McAndrew, class of 1968, enjoyed a taste of Danish culture and cuisine on a recent Sunday afternoon (10/9/05). Moravian College and the Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley hosted the reception in the Atrium of the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex on Moravian's north campus to celebrate McAndrew's having been recognized by the Royal Danish Ballet for her scholarship and translations of the works of August Bournonville, the esteemed Danish ballet master and choreographer.

McAndrew's interest in Bournonville began when she was a ballet-struck student. For her senior Honors project, she translated part of the Danish dancemaster's memoirs. This led to a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Copenhagen. And it culminated in her being a guest of honor at the Bournonville Symposium in Copenhagen in August , celebrating the 200 th anniversary of the choreographer's birth. 

Guests at Moravian enjoyed small open-faced sandwiches as well as herring in sour cream, ham salad, cucumbers and onions in white vinegar, and egg with tomato - all similar to what one would find at such a party in Denmark. There were Danish cheeses, cookies, and beer, as well as champagne and coffee. Tables were set with festive runners in red, green and black, complimented with round candles ("for warmth at such occasions," according to McAndrew) and napkins featuring the Danish flag. Even the invitation envelopes had small Danish flags.

There was a table of McAndrew's publications, including her Moravian Honors project, Bournonville's autobiography My Theatre Life, the recently published My Dearly Beloved Wife (letters from Bournonville to his wife), and issues of Dance Chronicle in which, over the years, McAndrew has translated and published the librettos of Bournonville's many ballets. There were mementos from her stay in Denmark as a Fulbright Scholar in 1969 and subsequent four years, as well as this summer's trip and the commemorative Royal Copenhagen china tea cup. Also displayed was a 1980 framed letter from the Lord Chamberlain to the Queen of Denmark congratulating McAndrew on her publication of Bournonville's My Theatre Life, as well as a letter of congratulations from Peter Martins, ballet master-in-chief of the New York City Ballet, who trained at the Royal Danish Ballet school. 

McAndrew's latest publishing activities are now centered on Moon Trail Books, the publishing company she founded this summer. Working with designer Kenneth Raniere, she is preparing three titles for publication this fall.

There were friends from the class of 1968: Carol Dean Henn , Eileen Doyle Bauer , Kathleen Doyle and the Rev. Mike Dowd , Pamela Uhl Boyer, and Jeffrey H. Moser.

From the world of dance came Jack Anderson, senior dance critic for The New York Times and a poet, and George Dorris, editor of Dance Chronicle. Dancers included Oleg Briansky and his wife, Mireille Briane, artistic directors of the Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley;Trinette Singleton, formerly of Joffrey Ballet and her daughter Kathryn Washer, a physics and music major in Moravian's Class of 2006, Marisa Cerveris , formerly of New York City Ballet; Mary Anne Hoffman artistic director of the Moravian College Dancers; and Karen Knerr, Margo Clifford Ging, and Barbara Pearson of the Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley. Tim Cowart of DeSales University dance program also attended.

Dr. Ervin J. Rokke, president of Moravian College, and his wife Pam, were on hand to greet guests, as were trustees Harry Dimopoulos and Ann Taylor. Joining Dr. Dimopoulos from the Ballet Guild were his wife, Carol, and corporate secretary Andrew Swantak.

Dr. Curtis A. Keim, Vice President and Dean of the Faculty at Moravian, spoke on "Where an Honors Project Can Lead You . " Henn , executive director of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, described McAndrew's "Impossible Dream . " A nd Briansky spoke on "Why Bournonville Matters : A Personal Reflection." These remarks were followed by McAndrew expressing her appreciation for her alma mater's willingness to acquire the reference materials to enable her to pursue the unusual study of Bournonville.

Other Ballet Guild guests included Barbara Martin Stout, Tanja Fetzer Howard, Andrew (Mr. Andy) Krempasky, Jon Verbalis, Joan Campion, and Tjasa Crofoot Ritchie. They were joined by H. Paty Eiffe, Margaret Baldock, Anne McGeady, Patricia Kandianis, Mary Pat Beebe, Sharon and Ron Yoshida, Nalda Stevens, Jane Huffman, Gregory and Claire Macaluso, Carolyn and John Abel, and Anna and Julius Herz, among others.

Also from Moravian College were Dr. Janet S. Loengard, professor emeritus of history, Drs. Dorothy and Dennis Glew and Dr. Heikki Lemp a , Dr. Robert Wilson-Black, vice president for institutional advancement; and Allison Boyd '08. Dennis Glew, professor of history and classics, is director of the Honors program; Dorothy Glew is a senior librarian at the College; and Lempa is an assistant professor of history, as well as the resident advisor on Scandinavian food and customs, as he is from Finland.