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Moravian Receives City Award for Recycling

Bethlehem, Pa., January 26, 2005— Moravian College was one of four businesses recognized by the City of Bethlehem for its exemplary recycling records over the past year. During the awards program at City Hall on Tuesday, Mayor John Callahan ’91 presented the Green Ribbon Recycler Award to Moravian’s Barbara Schultz, assistant director general services, and Bernie Benko, utility technician. Other businesses receiving awards yesterday were Aykroyd Hardware, Fritch Heating and Oil Co., and Trinity Episcopal Church.

The Bethlehem Recycling Bureau tracks commercial recycling by implementing a sign-in process for businesses at the Theis-Cornfeld Recycling Center. An annual reporting system is used to identify those environmentally-conscious businesses that recycle, and reduce energy usage, and curb pollution.

By winning the award, Moravian will be featured in the bureau's quarterly newsletter, One Person's Trash, which is distributed to all city residents. The College will also be the subject of a City television ad campaign to promote recycling, which will be filmed in spring and broadcast throughout the year on several stations. The bureau is paying for the spots with its $155,000 radio and television advertising budget for 2005.