Borko Milosev '04
Director Iron Hound Management, LLC

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It’s been a winding road for Borko Milosev ’04, who came to the U.S. as a high school exchange student from Serbia and is now a director at Iron Hound Management, LLC. Life in the U.S. has had a funny way of working out, and it started at Moravian.

Milosev first visited the College with high school friends and fell in love with the small class size and easy access to professors. Opportunity in and out of the classroom helped him grow and pursue his passion for finance.

Looking for a summer internship before his senior year, Milosev connected with Robert Verrone ’90, then co-head of Wachovia’s real estate group. Upon graduation, he stayed with Wachovia after Verrone offered him a full-time position. In 2008, when Verrone started Iron Hound, a real estate investment company specializing in commercial debt and equity transactions, he asked Milosev to join him.

“I wasn’t even planning on staying in the States,” he recalls. “It’s been the best decision I’ve made. I would not be where I am without Rob’s direction. I’m happy I decided to stick with him and not bounce around to different finance houses, which is common in this field. I owe him a great deal.”

At Iron Hound, Milosev helps commercial real estate clients restructure troubled mortgages. He gained experience handling large sums of money through Moravian’s Amrhein Investment Club, which started in 1962 with a $20,000 grant from Mr. and Mrs. Irving Amrhein. Today, the club manages a portfolio worth $1.3 million.

“Investment Club is absolutely amazing, an experience that is very rare on college campuses,” says Milosev, who was a double major in mathematics and economics and business. “The portfolio grew to around $1 million when I was there. We were dealing with real dollars and making real investments, which come with responsibility. That experience supplemented my academic education greatly.”


Borko Milosev

"Investment Club is absolutely amazing—an experience that is very rare on college campuses. We were making real investments, which come with responsibility."