Willie Reynolds '03
Bethlehem City Councilman

No Limits

When he ran for a spot on Bethlehem’s City Council three years ago at age 25, many people told Willie Reynolds ’03 he was too young. But Reynolds believed in his ability, and he won a seat.

As an undergraduate political science major, Reynolds played basketball and was a member of Guitar Ensemble. These seemingly disparate pursuits helped him find the determination to run for office.

“Being involved in Moravian athletics and music taught me not to feel limited by what people say you can or can’t do,” he says. “Basketball and music allowed me to experience failure. They taught me how to bounce back and believe in myself. Those experiences helped me keep knocking on doors, making phone calls, and persevering. When you struggle and then find success like I did in basketball and music, you start to realize that the only limit is your own self confidence.”

City councilman isn’t the only hat Reynolds wears. He also is a teacher. Shaping young minds runs in the family; his father, John Reynolds, professor of political science, has been a member of the Moravian faculty for 30 years. An honors student, Reynolds also was a writing tutor and first-year advisor, and he served an internship with Pennsylvania State Representative Steve Samuelson. Those roles showed him there is a world outside the classroom.

“My father introduced me to the complexities and various shades of gray that make up our world,” he says. “It isn’t enough to get good grades. My internship led to a job as a legislative aide that I had for six years, which helped lay the groundwork for my interest in City Council.”


Willie Reynolds

"Participating in Moravian basketball and music taught me how to believe in myself."