Moravian College Scholars in Mathematics and Computer Science
Moravian College Scholars in Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS2):

MCS2 is a scholarship program supported by the National Science Foundation that provides scholarships of $10,000 annually (up to $25,000 total) to transfer students who pursue a bachelors degree in mathematics or computer science at Moravian College. Approximately 6 scholars will be selected each year, starting in fall 2011.

Program Features:

This program provides excellent community college students with an opportunity to join a small, personalized program in Math and Computer Science at Moravian College.

In addition to financial support, accepted students are guided in their studies by a personal faculty mentor from their discipline and join a close community of student-scholars. Special opportunities available to MCS2 students include social and career events, dedicated living-learning community space, and recognition by Moravian faculty and administrators.

MCS2 students also give back to their communities by sharing their Moravian research experiences with area students and, after graduation, providing career mentorship to MCS2 students.

Integrated Summer Research Opportunity:

MCS2 students also have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive summer research program prior to their first semester at Moravian. During 10 weeks over the summer, students engage in research with their faculty mentor and take a free summer course open only to that year's MCS2 students. In addition to a performing research and coursework in a small, personalized setting, MCS2 students receive a $1,500 stipend and complementary on-campus housing from June 1-August 7 with other MCS2 students.

Students who participate in this summer program are also encouraged to take a lighter first-semester load at Moravian, allowing them to continue their research projects and take full advantage of Moravian's resources.

Eligibility and Application:

You are eligiable for MCS2 if:

  • You are United State citizen or permanent resident
  • You demonstrate financial need via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA -- available online at
  • You have a minimum 3.0 transfer GPA from either a four-year instition or a communitiy college with progress in mathematics or computer science

To apply for admission to MCS2:

  • Apply for transfer admission to Moravian College, submit the FAFSA application, and apply for Moravian financial aid.
  • Submit the MCS2 application either online or via mail by April 1. This application must include: 
    • A faculty reference in mathematics or computer science 
    • A personal statement summarizing your academic goals, career goals in a STEM (science technology, engineering, or mathematics) field, and how you hope to use your STEM education to have a positive impact on your community.

For more details about MCS2 and its policies, please read the detailed program description available online.

This program is supported by the National Science Foundation S-STEM Program under grant number 1060131.