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Administrative & Staff Directory

Office of the President

Students on CampusBryon L. Grigsby, President
Debbie Hinkel, Executive Secretary
Deborah L. Evans, Assistant to the President for Projects, Events, and Board Support

Athletics & Recreation
TBA, Director of Athletics & Recreation (see department listing below)

Human Resources
Jon B. Conrad, Chief Human Resource Officer
Elizabeth Garcia, Assistant Director / Benefits Manager
Carol Meixell, HR Analyst
Candi Miller, Administrative Assistant
Hope Douglas, Research Assistant


Academic Affairs

Cynthia Kosso, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Carol A. Traupman-Carr, Dean of Curriculum and Academic Programs
Amy McHenry, Executive Secretary
James Skalnik, Assistant Dean of Academic Advising

Office of Academic and Disability Support
Laurie Roth, Director
Elaine Mara, Assistant Director
Michelle Shafer, Administrative Assistant

Comenius Center
Carole Reese, Interim Dean of the Comenius Center
Angelique Blanar, Marketing & Recruitment Assistant
Elizabeth Conard, Reading Specialist Certification Officer
John Dilendik, Dir/Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification
Thomas Egan, Faculty/Administrator
William Ender, Faculty/Special Projects Administrator
Dawn Goodolf, RN-BS Program Director
Richard Groove, Administrative Certification Officer
Lori Hoffman, Master in Science in Nursing Program Director
Lizabeth Kleintop, Assoc Dean Business/Mgmt Programs
Ashley C. Koehler, Management Assistant
Jennifer Miller, Staff Assistant
Carole Olszewski, Dean’s Assistant
Jennifer Pagliaroli, Administrative Support Assistant
Joseph M. Shosh, Director of Graduate Education
Andrea Stewart, Academic Program Administrator

International Studies
Kerry Sethi, Director
Melissa Miller, Secretary

Music Center
E. Blair Flintom, Coordinator of Facilities and the Music Institute
William F. Bauman, Administrative Assistant
Cynthia Rommens, Secretary

Payne Gallery
Diane Radycki, Director of Payne Gallery & Curator of the Permanent Collection
David E. Leidlich, Assistant to the Director of the Payne Gallery

Reeves Library
Janet Ohles, Library Director
Angela Cortez, Cataloging Librarian
Ellie Collier, Reference and Instruction Librarian
Kim Demyan, Acquisitions Library Assistant
Bonnie Falla, Public Services & Ref Librarian/Seminary Liaison
Debra Gaspar, Circulation/Public Services Library Assistant
Pamela Kalapay, Periodical Library Assistant
Linda LaPointe, Technical Services/Serials & Systems Librarian
Donna Moyer, Cataloging Library Assistant
Nancy Strobel, Circulation/Public Service Library Assistant

Registrar’s Office
Alexandra Hay, Institutional Registrar
Megan Hallowell, Assistant Registrar
Juli Greco, Office Assistant
Jesse Miller, Assistant



Mark Reed, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Gloria Guth, Secretary

Business Office
Amy Johnson, Director of Business and Financial Operations
Brian Blenis, Assistant Director of Business Operations
Marie Breisch, Assistant Director of Financial Operations
Debra Williamson, Accountant
Amy Klotz, Accountant
Lynn Masters, Accounts Payable Clerk
Margaret Cook, Payroll Clerk

Kari Jackson, Bookstore Manager
Karen Kulanko, Assistant Bookstore Manager
Megan Hallowell, Bookstore Supervisor

Michael Macenka, Mailroom Supervisor

Bursar's Office
Susan O'Hare, Bursar
Carla Ross, Assistant to the Bursar
Katicia Rothrock, Cashier

Facilities Management, Planning & Construction
Douglas Plotts, Director of FMP&C
Harold Anderson, Jr., Associate Director of Plant Services
Judith Behum, Secretary
Regina Gower, Management Assistant
Randy Haffling, General Services Manager
Scott Ihle, Plant Services Manager – Custodial
Dean Molitoris, Mechanical Operations Foreman
Mark Newman, Plant Services Supv. - Custodial
Chad Royer, Assistant Director of Plant Operations
Karen Sienicki, Budget Manager
Barbara Yurasits, Office Assistant
Robert Volk, Structural Operations Foreman

Institutional Research
Carole Reese, Chief Research Officer and Director of Special Projects
Sharon Maus, Assistant Director of Institutional Research
Hope Douglas, Research Assistant

Anne M. Reid, Treasurer


Admissions and Financial Aid

Steven F. Soba, Vice President of Enrollment Management
Rebecca Ahner, Officer Manager

Scott Dams, Executive Director of Admission
Elyssa Deeb, Admission Counselor
Edward P. Flaherty, Assistant Director of Admissions
Monique Haney, Campus Visit Coordinator
Peter McCullough, Admission Counselor
Erika E. Mondok, Director of Transfer Enrollment
Alyson L. Remsing, Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Abigail Schaffer, Admissions Counselor
Kim Shank, Campus Experience Coordinator
Brittany Soda, Admission Counselor
Kristina D. Sullivan, Assistant Director of Enrollment
Val Verba, Office Assistant
Janet Wallace, Office Assistant

Financial Aid
Shannon Adam, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Melissa Labrie, Associate Director
Anita Tannous, Financial Aid Assistant


Institutional Advancement

Gary Carney, Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Barbara Parry, Administrative Assistant

Office of Alumni Engagement
Robert Gratz, Director of Alumni Engagement
Amanda Werner, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
Pat Hanna, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Office of Development
Anisa L. Albertson, Assistant Director of Advancement Operations
Lisa Brand, Director of Advancement Services & Prospect Management
Jill Davis, Staff Assistant
Sylvia Muller Doyle, Director of Corporate & Donor Relations 
Julia Gasdaska, Director of Major Gifts
Bertie Knisely, Director of Leadership Giving
Christine Nelson, Director of Development for the Seminary
Luke Smith, Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Shelley Speirs, Director of Annual Giving

Office of Public Relations
Michael Wilson, Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Chelsea Clifford, Communications Associate - Graphic Design/Publications
Nina Elias, Communications Associate / Magazine Editor
Mark Fleming, Sports Information Director
Christie Jacobsen, Webmaster


Student Affairs

Nicole Loyd, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Christopher Hunt, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Intercultural Advancement and Inclusion
Amy Saul, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Career Development
Elizabeth Yates, Assistant Dean for Residence Life, Greek Life and First Year Programs
In-Chi Chow-Rivera, Secretary to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Campus Safety
George Boksan, Director of Campus Safety and Police
Joel Labriola, Lieutenant
Gregory Long, Fire Marshall
Amy Dodson, Dispatcher
Pamela Hero, Dispatcher
Danielle Jones, Dispatcher
Christina Pulley, Dispatcher

Career Center
Amy Saul, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Career Development
Ashley Forsythe, Assistant Director of Career Development
Pat Hanna, Assistant Director of Career Development and Alumni Relations
Suzanne Moyer, Administrative Assistant

Center for Intercultural Advancement and Inclusion
Christopher Hunt, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Intercultural Advancement and Inclusion

Center for Leadership and Service
Suzanne Moyer, Administrative Assistant

Chaplain's Office
Jennika Borger, Chaplain
Ian Buterbaugh, Catholic Advisor
Allen Juda, Associate Chaplain 
Scott Harvey, Off-Campus Advisor
Michelle Matuczinski, Administrative Assistant

Counseling Center
Ronald Kline, Director of the Counseling Center
Michael Unger, Part-Time Staff Counselor
Michelle Shafer, Administrative Assistant

Haupert Union and Event Management
Ann Claussen, Director of HUB and Event Management

Health Center
Kathy Atkinson, Secretary
Jamie Marie Chapman, Physician Assistant
Stella Gordon, Health Center Coordinator
Cheryl Lichner, MSN, CRNP, Reproductive Health Care Physician
Jarem Lloyd, MD, College Physician
Celestine Nnaeto, MD, College Physician

Residence & Greek Life
Elizabeth Yates, Assistant Dean for Residence Life, Greek Life and First Year Programs
Melissa Andreas, Interim Assistant Director of Housing
Ashley Testa, Assistant Director of Residence Life


Athletics and Recreation

Scot Dapp, Director of Athletics and Recreation
Terry Eddinger, Administrative Assistant
Marty Moyle, Administrative Assistant
Robert J. Ward, Head Athletics Trainer / Assistant Athletic Director
Abigail Bedoya, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Nick Smull, Assistant Athletics Trainer
Zachary Houghton, Fitness Director
Vincent Reed, Fitness Center Intern

Coaching Staff
Shelly Bauder, Women's Volleyball Coach
Jesse Baumann, Director of Cross Country; Director of Men's & Women's Track & Field
John Byrne, Head Softball Coach / Associate Athletics Director
David Carty, Men's Lacrosse Coach
Kevin Edwards, Golf Coach
Amy Endler, Field Hockey Coach
Paul Englehardt, Baseball Coach
Todd Ervin, Men's Soccer Coach
Jeff Pukszyn, Football Coach
Kristen Schuster, Women's Lacrosse Coach
Art Smith, Tennis Coach
Mary Beth Spirk, Head Women's Basketball Coach, Associate Athletic Director, Senior Women's Administrator
Ashley Stone, Cheerleading Coach
Jim Walker, Men's Basketball Coach
Jeffrey Ykoruk, Women's Soccer Coach


Center for Information Technology

Scott Hughes, Chief Information Officer
Stephen McKinney, Director
James Beers, Network Manager
Maria Lucas, Senior Systems Administrator
Christopher Laird, Network Administrator
Tom Mondschein, Senior Network and Telephone Administrator
Meredith Poindexter-Bird, Manager of Administrative Systems
Dereck Lesko, Senior Database Administrator
Wesley Moser, Senior Information Technology Analyst
Amber Kortbawi, Help Desk Supervisor
Nicholas Laird, Client Support Analyst
Robert Underwood, Programmer/IT Analyst
Craig Underwood, Media Services Manager
Harry Tsamutalis, Jr., Media Services Specialist
Lauren Nicholas, Education Technologist 
Georgene Gerlach, Office Manager