Matt Cokely '98
Art director, Bonnier Corporation

Making Science Sexy

As the art director for the Bonnier Technology Group, Bonnier Corporation, Matt Cokeley '98 uses bold, engaging visuals to bring print articles to life in Popular Science, Popular Photography, American Photo, Science Illustrated, and Sound & Vision magazines. He also oversees the design of the Popular Science, Science Illustrated, and Popular Photography iPad editions.

"It's truly rewarding to work with some of the world's most intelligent and creative people to bring what I see in my mind's eye into reality," says Cokeley. "Something I've helped create may inspire the person who eventually cures cancer or drastically alters the world for the better through science and engineering. In short, I make science sexy!"

Designing for major publications is entirely different than classroom projects, and Cokeley credits his Moravian professors with helping him sharpen the skills to succeed. Anne Dutlinger, associate professor of art, demonstrated how design translates into real-world business, teaching about client relationships, deadlines, and collaboration. She also helped him land a marketing design internship at Crayola.

"My internship was a tremendous experience that emphasized the realities of design's application in the business world," he says. "It's not just a one-person show."

For the last ten years, Cokeley has worked with world-renowned photographers, including Nigel Parry, Satoshi Kobayashi, and Antoine Verglas. He developed the confidence to relate to and direct these professionals in photography classes taught by Jeff Hurwitz, adjunct professor of photography.

"Professor Hurwitz's instruction on composition and visual problem solving continues to be one of the strengths of my design arsenal," he says. "Even now, I find myself passing on his instruction to my junior designers."

A member of the football team for two years and Delta Tau Delta fraternity, Cokeley says he learned as much outside the classroom as he did in his design classes.

"The amazing variety of personalities at Moravian helped me round out my education as a person as well as a designer," he says. "It's truly incredible to realize later what an education you receive from life on Moravian's campus. It continues to contribute to my development as a professional designer, husband, father, friend, and human being, on a daily basis."


Matt Cokely

"My internship was a tremendous experience that emphasized the realities of design's application in the business world."