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Kate Brueningsen - Add-Venture Program

Kate BrueningsenKate Brueningsen’s combined interests in language, literature, and history got her headed toward the study of linguistics, which Moravian doesn’t offer. But her pre-admittance packet suggested that a self-directed student with clear goals might find the Add-Venture program to be a good fit.

She ended up with a double major in English and French with a minor in medieval studies. The time required to finish all standard requirements would have prohibited her from creating this intriguing course of study, but through Add-Venture, she was able to complete it, as well as doing an Honors project in her senior year.

One of the things Brueningsen liked the most about the program was the flexibility she gained there, which allowed her to study multiple languages, including Arabic, Spanish, and German. “You also have lots of people looking out for you,” she adds, about her three advisors who mentored her through her years at Moravian.

“Add-Venture is less structured than a normal curriculum, and with the freedom comes a lot more responsibility,” she would advise students considering applying. “You’re basically taking your education into your own hands and shaping your academic curriculum, and you need to make sure all your classes mesh well together and work toward your end goal—not just take classes because they sound fun.”

Brueningsen will study 18th and 19th century British Literature at the University of Leeds in fall 2011.