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Austin Rock - Add-Venture Program

Austin RockAs part of a military family, Austin Rock ’12 has moved often, giving him a varied worldview. He calls it his early liberal arts education, and his travels have inspired many interests. With goals that are broadly defined, Add-Venture has allowed him to “discover the specifics.

“Add-Venture has allowed me to get into the classes for my major—law—earlier, giving me greater flexibility in figuring out my other interests…maybe business,” he explains.

The ability to take higher-level classes sooner appealed to Rock, as it does to many Add-Venture students, leaving time to pursue complementary interests. In his case, this means playing baseball for Moravian, as a Landmark All-Conference First Team catcher as well as combining studies in economics with philosophy—two areas that rarely seem to overlap, but in his case, were the “specifics” he needed.