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Gina Seier - Add-Venture Program

Gina SeierGina Seier '13 has "always known" that she wanted to join the Peace Corps after college graduation. Joining the Add-Venture program made it easier for her to pick classes that propelled her toward that goal. Spending the summer of 2011 in Ecuador, working with a program called Tierra Viva, which implements sustainable farming and gardening in small Andean communities, is another step on her path toward the Peace Corps.

"This is very much a model of what I want to do after college. I am able to observe how the environment affects communities and families and vice versa," she says. "I think sustainable agriculture is one of the most important things that developing countries need to explore in order to progress and cultivate sustainability in this increasingly volatile world."

Seier is building her Add-Venture program around environmental studies and sustainability with an emphasis in sociology. She also has a Spanish minor.