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Philip Weiser - Add-Venture Program

Phil WeiserPhilip Weiser ’12 had a plan to embark on a pre-med track when he applied to Moravian. He was going to major in biochemistry, but was concerned that he would have to give up his study of history, which he loved.

“I had participated in a number of history focused contests during high school, and I didn’t want to lose touch with those, so I applied to Add-Venture in hopes of completing a double major in biochemistry and history,” he remembers. “You rarely hear of science majors double majoring at all, let alone in a topic that is outside the realm of physical sciences and math.”

But an introductory physics class in his first semester fascinated him, and his path took a turn. He has not regretted his decision to switch majors and combine chemistry and physics. He will graduate with that double major in 2012. He credits the Add-Venture program with enabling him to create this academic path—“and amazing teachers who are flexible with their schedules,” he adds.