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Irene Zawisza - Add-Venture Program

Irene ZawiszaIn place of the general education courses she would have been taking now, Irene Zawisza is free to fill her schedule with math and science classes. She chose to apply for the Add-Venture program because she knew it would present her with countless opportunities, and it has.

“By being accepted, I have been able to take a wider variety of courses and focus in on the essential courses toward a successful and prepared future,” she says. “Being so focused on a certain pathway has helped me become a better student in the field, and has allowed me to develop close relationships with peers and faculty because of a more personal experience.”

Zawisza’s majors are physics and math, and at this point, she plans on going to graduate school for medical physics. She is looking into the field of cancer research and treatment using radiation oncology. She also is looking into nuclear and high energy particle physics.

“I love Moravian’s size, and I never feel lost in the crowd, and the school and the program have helped me grow academically and mentally.”