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Seize the Opportunity

Capital campaigns are designed as opportunities to generate an infusion of resources that could not be accomplished through annual giving. The Campaign for Moravian is the first public comprehensive capital campaign in the history of the College and provides us with an opportunity to change the College, not only for the immediate future, but also for years and generations to come. Join us in seizing this opportunity.

The campaign is segmented into three areas of support: capital projects, endowment, and annual giving.

Capital Projects

Comenius HallMoravian is blessed with buildings that existed prior to the founding of our country. These facilities speak to the rich heritage of Moravian, and deserve appropriate care and restoration. Comenius Hall is our signature building, but is in serious need of repairs, renovations and upgrades in order to maintain the structure and meet 21st century teaching standards. Collier Hall of Science, though cutting edge when it opened in 1971, is now 40 years old and is showing its age. In addition, laboratories and other teaching spaces are in need of significant renovations to keep pace with the rapidly changing fields of biology, chemistry and physics.

Other pressing facility needs prompted the College to move forward with two recent projects: the HILL (Hurd Integrated Living and Learning) residence hall and the new Fitness Center. The HILL, completed in 2009, houses 230 students on the historic Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus in downtown Bethlehem. The Fitness Center, adjacent to the Briedegam Field House, was completed in December 2011 and provides our students with almost 10,000 square feet of space, making it one of the largest fitness centers among all colleges in the Lehigh Valley.

Endowment for Students, Faculty and Programs

Networking ReceptionThe long term viability of any college can be measured in part by the endowment and the income it generates on an annual basis. Moravian’s most pressing need for endowment support is for financial aid and scholarships. While the cost of a college education is becoming increasingly difficult for many families to afford, the competition for students continues to escalate, with financial aid as one of the most critical factors in choosing a college. In order for Moravian to attract the best students, we need to increase both need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships. Need-based financial aid helps to make a Moravian education affordable while merit-based scholarships allow the College to attract high achieving students regardless of need. Establishing an endowed scholarship not only benefits today’s students, but also those in future generations.

Other endowment opportunities include endowed professorships as well as endowments in support of a specific academic program. These funds will ensure the long term viability of faculty positions as well as funding for the areas in which they teach.

Annual Giving

FootballAnnual giving supports the ongoing needs of the College through gifts that are utilized in the same year in which they are given. The most important area of annual giving is the Moravian Scholarship Fund which provides financial aid to current students. The Moravian Scholarship Fund provides approximately $1 million in financial aid toward the $19 million per year awarded by the College. Significant growth in this fund is needed to meet the needs of students and their families.

Other areas of the College that directly benefit from annual giving include academic programs, athletics, the library, the music program, the career center, and the center for leadership and service. These areas are not only deserving of annual support but also depend upon it to augment funds budgeted by the College.