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The Graphic Identity

Graphic Identity Update

As a follow-up to the March 29, 2012 email about our transition to the College's new graphic identity, please be reminded that as of June 30, all materials containing the old style should have been recycled and replaced. As stated, all new printed and electronic materials, signage, etc. should be utilizing the new graphic identity and corresponding logos. If you come across anything with old logos, please contact Michael Wilson at wilson@moravian.edu or Susan Woolley at woolley@moravian.edu.

Style Guide with Logos/Wordmarks Available

A document containing style guidelines for the use of the Moravian College logos and wordmarks can be found on the public drive in the folder pubrel and subfolder Graphic Style 2012. To view a PDF of the guidelines online click here.

The actual logo variations can be accessed in this public folder only from the College network. Star logo variations can be access on the public drive at: P:\pubrel\Graphic Identity 2012\Star Logo and the athletics logos at: P:\pubrel\Graphic Identity 2012\Athletics Logos.

Importance of Consistent Graphic Identity

It is important that we maintain a consistent representation of Moravian in any written or visual communications materials that represent the College. We have numerous internal and external audiences and consistent and effective communication with each is critical to the College's growth and success. Through consistent use, Moravian can project a strong, unified, and professional image to all audiences, even though communications are sometimes coming from various sources across our campus. Doing so officially identifies your entity as part of the College, increasing brand identity with your audience and making it more likely that your message will be well received.

Letterhead and Business Cards

If you haven't already done so, contact Susan Woolley, director of publications, at woolley@moravian.edu or call 610 861-1332, if you need new letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. She can assist you with setting up cards/letterhead/envelopes for offices/departments, prep for outside printing; fill orders as requested/needed (bulk ordering); and create and provide templates to departments to use for in-house printing.

College Seal

Moravian College has three official marks or logos

The College Seal

The seal is reserved for official communications that identify the College's policies and proceedings, for academic honors materials such as diplomas and awards, and appropriate use such as, special events, the fronts of podiums, inside and outside College buildings. The seal should not be used in advertising, publications, websites, or printed materials that publicize a program, activity, or service of the College.

The Star Logo and Wordmark

Moravian Star LogoMoravian has developed a suite of logos, wordmarks, and related star images that together compose the graphic identity of the College. There are a number of variations of the logo/workmark in both horizontal and vertical orientations, with and without the tagline and/or the star. The College logo is to be used for all non-athletics representation of the College. For those needing to use a logo, the Public Relations Office can assist you in identifying the appropriate logo variation for your purpose(s).

The Athletics Logo

Athletics LogoThe athletics logo is has been revised and is to be used consistently in association with the Moravian College Athletics Department and its teams moving forward. The logo is very similar to the older version, mitigating the necessity to replace it where it exists. However, all new on signage, materials, and clothing that incorporates an athletics logo must be produced using the new logo. The College is also utilizing a standard sans serif typeface for words that accompany the logo.

Reminder about Developing Marketing Materials

The College has recently revised its entire suite of admission communications and materials in conjunction with Mindpower, Inc., our marketing communications firm. The College is incorporating the visual style and messaging of these materials across its platform of other materials we produce.

If you are developing marketing materials (including web sites and social media) promoting the College to prospective students, please contact Michael Wilson, director of public relations and marketing, (wilson@moravian.edu or call 610 861-1365) who can assist you. All such materials must be reviewed and approved by the Public Relations/Admissions team before being printed or distributed. At the same time, we are carrying the style forward with materials for other audiences to maintain a visually "branded" family of communications. Please contact Public Relations for assistance and/or to answer any questions.

Marketing Materials