John Quinones '92
Vice president of recruitment for Major League Baseball

In the Big Leagues

A lot of kids dream of growing up to be professional baseball players. As vice president of recruitment for the Office of the Commissioner for Major League Baseball, John Quinones ’92 may not be swinging a bat, but he’s an integral part of attracting the talented people who keep America’s favorite pastime running.

Since 2008, Quinones has been filling a tall order of managing the strategic aspects of talent management, diversity recruitment, and workforce planning. His days may include developing hiring strategies, determining salaries, counseling employees, or working with management on organizational changes. Quinones’s handprints are all over the league’s infrastructure from bringing in administrative heavy hitters to coming up with programs that reward a job well done.

His adviser, Robert Brill, associate professor of psychology, first suggested human resources as a career avenue to Quinones, who majored in industrial/organizational psychology. As part of his job, Quinones has to determine what motivates an individual to want to work for MLB. What inspires one person may not inspire another. Is it money, prestige, status, pride in doing a good job, learning new skills, or something else?

“Simply having talented employees alone doesn’t ensure our success,” he says. “HR’s influence can be found at all levels of an organization.”

Quinones credits his class work with helping him navigate the different personalities he encounters each day. The strong foundation he built in Moravian’s psychology department also led him to earn a master’s degree in industrial and labor relations from the Baruch College of the City University of New York.

“Having a background in psychology helped prepare me to understand workplace motivation and how it influences employee behavior and, in turn, company performance. I owe a tremendous amount to the faculty at Moravian.”

Quinones didn’t just learn about people in the classroom, however. He played intramural basketball, softball, and club lacrosse, all the while observing how people come together to work as a team. He also was a resident adviser for Burnside, then part of the campus housing network. Burnside was a close knit group, like fraternity brothers, he says. He calls those friendships the best part of his Moravian experience.

From academics to extracurricular activities, Quinones says, “I knew from the onset that I had made the right choice of where to attend college.”


John Quinones

"I knew from the onset that I had made the right choice of where to attend college."