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Moravian College Announces New MBA Concentration in Business Analytics

New Concentration to Meets Need for Analysis in the Business Community

Bethlehem, Pa., May 8, 2012—The Moravian MBA program now offers a concentration and certificate in business analytics. The new business analytics concentration and certificate focus on the skills, technologies, applications and practices needed to drive business performance and planning in today’s data rich environments. More than just metrics, business analytics uses extensive amounts of data gathered from business processes and marketing and applies statistics and quantitative analysis to drive decision making using explanatory and predictive modeling.

Five exabytes, that is five quintillion bytes, of data is created every two days according to former CEO of Google, Erich Schmidt. Whatever that number may be, the environment is considerably more complex today because of the existence of massive databases and global supply chains that require knowledge of how to analyze and use data to support decision making to maintain a business’ competitive position.

Keeping up with the skills needed to manage this influx of data is the focus of the business analytics concentration. The business analytics concentration is specifically designed to equip today’s business leaders with the latest analytical tools that are needed to master very large databases and fully understand and reach effective decisions that must optimize multiple objectives within highly uncertain business environments.

“We did a lot of research to see if the business analytics concentration would make sense for us to offer,” said Dr. William Kleintop, director of the Moravian MBA program. “We talked to human resource managers and other business people here in the Lehigh Valley, as well as looked closely at the job market now and into the future. All the indicators told us that businesses need people with analytics skills and are not finding them.”

Jobs in business analytics are available in many industries and disciplines in the Lehigh Valley, including utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain management, finance, human resources, and information technology, among others. “Business analytics is a nice fit for our program,” Kleintop said, “since the courses mesh so well with those in our other concentrations – healthcare management, supply chain management, HR management, and general management.”

The Moravian MBA business analytics concentration focuses students on business research methods, quantitative decision making, and data mining. Students in the Moravian MBA program will complete core courses in leadership and business functions, and courses in business analytics for a total of ten graduate courses. The overall program prepares students not just to analyze the numbers but also use those results in real world projects to lead organizations in making decisions about marketing, supply chain management, customer service, process management, finance, and human resource management.

The business analytics concentration is also available in a certificate program to those who do or do not have a master’s degree in business. “We realize that some people either do not want a full MBA or already hold one, yet need the knowledge and skills of business analytics to advance in their careers,” Kleintop said. The certificate program requires students to complete only the business analytics courses and two prerequisite courses that can be waived, in economics and statistics. Students also need some knowledge of Microsoft Excel®.

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