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Center for Information Technology (CIT)

CIT Vision Statement

Provide quality technology resources and services to facilitate learning, teaching, research, operations, and quality of life.

Mission Statement

Plan for the future while providing information technology, education technology, and instructional technology services by operating and maintaining Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary telecommunications and computer networks: campus-wide, MoCoSIN, MOCO wireless, WMoCoSIN wireless, ResNet, and others; supporting attended operations, during business hours, for network and attached file, print, application, e-mail, and web servers, and assistance through the Help Desk and multimedia services; developing applications for college operations, academic support, and curriculum delivery; conducting information, education, and instructional technology training; and assisting St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing in support of nursing faculty.

Computer FAQs

Detailed information regarding Center for Information Technology’s (CIT) services can be found in AMOS (http://amos.moravian.edu) under Administrative Systems.

Do I need to bring a computer?

While this is a personal decision, most of the resident students do bring their own computer. Moravian College maintains Windows and Macintosh public computer labs on Main (North) and Hurd (South) campuses. Before bringing a computer on campus, you may want to assess your situation. Residence Hall rooms have hard-wired network connections for access to the Internet and Moravian’s network. Your computer requires an ethernet network interface card and cable to connect to the network wall jack. If you are not sure if your computer has a network card, refer to your owner’s manual or speak to the computer vendor. Network cables are available in the book store.

Can I buy a computer through the College?

No. Moravian does not sell computers. However, there are vendors that offer discount prices for future and current Moravian students.

Is there a discount purchase plan for buying a computer?

Apple, Dell, Lenovo (formerly IBM), and HP provide an educational discount to Moravian College students. Participation in these programs is at the discretion of the student and the purchase contract is between the student and the manufacturer. The link for these discounts can be found on the College’s public website under Technical Help and on AMOS’ CIT Personal Purchasing page, https://amos.moravian.edu/ics/Administrative_Services/Center_for_Information_Technology/Personal_Purchasing/.

Am I permitted to use a laptop in class?

Some faculty permit laptop use in class, while others do not. You should check with your faculty instructor.

Should I buy a Laptop or a Desktop?

This is a personal preference. Some advantages and disadvantages are listed below. There are public computers available on Main and Hurd campuses. Many students bring laptop computers.

Laptop - Advantages:
Easy to transport to and from school. - Takes up little dorm space or desk space. - Can be carried to class or library for note-taking, study, etc. - Have built-in wireless networking ability. - Can be brought home during weekend or holiday visits. - Can be shipped to manufacturer or taken to dealer for service.

Laptop - Disadvantages:
Much more easily stolen, particularly if carried around campus. - More easily dropped or broken. - Somewhat more prone to failure than desktop computers of comparable quality. - More expensive for comparable speed & capacity. - Limited expansion and add-on capabilities.

Desktop - Advantages:
Best value: typically, more speed, memory, and storage for a lower price. - Relatively difficult to steal. - Lower probability of failure for comparable quality machine vs. notebook. - Relatively easy to expand or modify as needs change. - Less costly expansion products such as large hard drives & additional memory. - Flat screen LCD monitors are now reasonably priced, reducing desk space requirements and making storage/shipping easier.

Desktop - Disadvantages:
Space-consuming and awkward to move to and from school. - Takes up valuable real estate in cramped dorm rooms. - Cannot be carried to library or classes. - Difficult to ship if repair/replacement is needed.

How do I secure my laptop and its data?

To physically secure your laptop, use a laptop lock and cable. This will permit you to lock your laptop to furniture, thus making it more difficult to steal. You should always lock your lock when the laptop is unattended, to include while in your residence hall room. Also lock your room door when you leave the room. To secure your data, set a screen saver that requires a password to use the laptop.

What kind of computer should I buy?

Again this is a personal preference. Students bring Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computers to campus. As this is a personal preference, there are no specific recommendations. Your academic major may influence what type of computer may best fit your need. Departments of Art, Music, Education, and Computer Science use Macintosh computers.

What resources should I have on my computer?

Recommended: Processor: Intel-core i5 or larger RAM - 4 GB or higher Hard drive - 160 GB or larger Video card – standard onboard video CD-RW/DVD-RW combo drive Universal Serial Bus (USB) port(s) Wireless if bringing a laptop/netbook

What software (operating systems) will I need?

Recommended: Windows 7 Macintosh OS X version 10.7 A suite of applications which includes a word processor, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software is recommended, preferably Microsoft Office (recommended Office 2010/2011). Virus scanner (provided for free via antivirus.moravian.edu) Spyware scanner (provided for free via antivirus.moravian.edu)

Where can I purchase software required for Music study (and other software packages)?

Software may be purchased at a discount through a program with Journey Ed, www.journeyed.com. The link for this can also be found on the College’s public website under Technical Help and on AMOS’ CIT Personal Purchasing page, https://amos.moravian.edu/ics/Administrative_Services/Center_for_Information_Technology/Personal_Purchasing/.

Where can I find out what specific software will be required for the Music and Art Departments?

You should speak with representatives from those academic departments.

What about virus protection?

Up-to-date virus protection software is required for any computer that attaches to any Moravian network. Moravian provides antivirus software for your Windows and Macintosh computers. If you require antivirus, you can download the software from http://antivirus.moravian.edu/ (This link is only available ON Campus) Installing and maintaining virus protection is the responsibility of the student. Keeping the virus definitions current and keeping computers free of viruses are maintenance procedures that students are required to perform themselves. CIT will block access to the Internet for student computers that have not applied recent Microsoft Windows or Macintosh operating system updates or do not have virus scanning with up-to-date virus definition file.

What are the policies for virus removal from student computers?

Computer viruses are a continually growing area of concern. Virus protection, keeping virus definitions up-to-date, and scanning of hard drives are the responsibilities of the user. Moravian has purchased a licensing agreement with Sophos, which includes all updates. Use of this software is provided free of charge to Moravian students for their Windows or Macintosh computers. You may use another virus scanning software application currently loaded and active on your computer, but must be kept up-to-date as well. Often the original computer manufacture loaded a time-limited version of the virus protection software, which will expire and require you to pay for the renewal of the license. You may wish to consider moving to Sophos once the lifespan of the original virus scanning software runs its course, since these are provided for free.

What anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam protection must I use?

Students must have active, updated antivirus and antispyware software on their computers. You may use Sophos provided by the College or other commercially produced programs. Although the College has defenses at the network level, it is a student’s responsibility to protect their computer from malware.

Is Internet connectivity included in room and board?

No. But it is included in the technology fee that students pay, so there is no additional charge for students to access the Internet. Refer to the Student Handbook for a list of other services provided by the technology fee.

Do the residence halls have network connectivity?

Yes. All residence hall rooms have a one network jack per student and common areas have an additional network jack. You will need an Ethernet network cable to connect your computer to the network. Netbook users may require a USB-Ethernet dongle. Additionally, residence halls have wireless connectivity as listed in the table below.

How do I connect my computer to the network?

Printed instructions for connecting to the network are on AMOS’ CIT computer support page, https://amos.moravian.edu/ics/Administrative_Services/Center_for_Information_Technology/Computer_Support/ and at the Help Desk in Memorial Hall, Room 102. There are different handouts for different operating systems.

What happens if I can’t get my computer connected?

Contact the Help Desk at 610-861-1500 or stop by Memorial Hall, room 102, Monday-Thursday 7:00am-7:30pm and Fri. 7:00am-4:30pm

Is there wireless on campus?

It is available in most academic buildings and all residence halls. Please refer to the list below. Moravian is continuing to install wireless in additional residence halls. The HILL (Hurd Integrated Living Learning) on South Campus is completely wireless inside, with coverage on outside green space.

Wireless is available in the following areas:

North Campus

  • Comenius Hall
  • Hall of Science
  • HUB
  • Memorial 201
  • Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Building
  • Reeves Library
  • Zinzendorf 103
  • Seminary
  • Johnson Hall
  • Bernhardt-Wilhelm common area**
  • Rau-Hassler common area**
  • Josmith Residence Hall (not all rooms)
  • Nitschmann (not all rooms)
  • Spangenburg (not all rooms)
  • Hillsides 1-6
  • Beck
  • DeSchweinitz
  • Antes
  • Lenape
  • Burnside
  • HUB Patio
  • Quad
  • PPHAC plaza

South Campus

  • Clewell Dining Hall 
  • Brethren House – Music Library – 3rd floor
  • Art Lab 007, 008, 009, 104
  • Main Hall
  • The HILL
  • Hurd Campus open/green space
  • Clewell Hall

What type of wireless does Moravian use?

802.11 B/G

Do I need to insure my computer?

Students should insure their computer systems. Many homeowners’ policies will cover a computer for use at school. Check with your insurance carrier for specifics. You should also consider an extended warranty if you plan to keep your computer for all four years. Another consideration is spill damage protection if you drink while working at your computer.

Do I get a network account and email address?

All students receive a network, email, AMOS, and Blackboard accounts. Through the campus network, you will have Internet access, email account, personal file space, personal Web page, black and white and color printing, and access to course-related software. You can access the network from your personal computer in your residence hall room or from any lab or classroom computer connected to the network. You may directly access email, AMOS, and Blackboard and access your data on the network via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) when off-campus.

Where do I pick up the network account information?

Incoming freshmen will receive their network logon letters in their summer mailing packet mailed by Academic Affairs in early May. You must bring this logon letter with you when you register for classes in May and again when you arrive on campus in August. This user identification login and password is the same that is used to access AMOS, Blackboard, and MCmail.

Where can I get my computer repaired or serviced during the semester?

Since your new computer will be under warranty, your first call should be to the manufacturer. Help Desk technicians can help triage/troubleshoot your computer problem, but since it is under warranty, they cannot physically repair the computer. You should back-up your hard drive data before any repairs are done, as data may be lost during the repair work.

Is Moravian College an authorized repair and service center?


If after troubleshooting with the Help Desk, I still have a computer problem, where can I get help?

Moravian has partnered with IntegraONE from Allentown to provide on-campus student and employee computer support. IntegraONE’s on-campus computer support offers a service enhancement to provide full support beyond the troubleshooting that CIT currently provides to students. CIT would help diagnose a problem and provide recommended solution(s), but could not provide direct hardware and software support. This expansion of computer support now covers software, hardware, and malware on any manufacture of computer. IntegraONE is an authorized repair and warranty center for HP, Lenovo, IBM, and Apple so that service may be free of charge depending on the issue and warranty on the computer. If not covered by warranty or service agreement, this service is offered at the reduced rate of $75/hour.

What kinds of computer problems do students encounter?

The vast majority of student computer problems are virus and spyware related. If you maintain active and up-to-date antivirus and antispyware on your computer and are vigilant of the websites you visit, you will greatly minimize your chance of having a computer problem.

Does the College offer student computer classes?

The College does not offer dedicated student computer classes during the academic year, but CIT technicians will assist students with computer questions and work with students while triaging (troubleshooting) computer problems. All incoming freshmen receive a hands-on training class, Computing at Moravian College, during Freshmen Orientation weekend. The Economics Department offers a for credit class on Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

How much of the curriculum is technology based?

This depends upon the individual faculty instructor and varies between classes.

Do I need a printer?

It is convenient to have a printer in your residence hall room; however, there are public printers available for use in the class rooms, computer labs, some study rooms, and library.

Must I pay for printing?

Students are given $35/academic year for printing at a rate of $.05/black and white page and $.50/color page. This equates to 700 black and white pages. If you exceed the $35 allocation, you can add additional money to your printing account in the Bursar’s Office during normal business hours. Art students are allotted more as part of their lab fees.

What are the quotas for personal file space, email and Web sites?

Email: 100 MB Network file server: 150 MB Web site: 25 MB

Can I play on-line games?

Gaming is available, but sluggish performance and increased lag time may occur as priority is given to academic resources first.

Can I forward my College e-mail to my personal e-mail account?

Yes. You may find the instructions on AMOS’ CIT Computer Support page, https://amos.moravian.edu/ics/Administrative_Services/Center_for_Information_Technology/Computer_Support/

Is file sharing allowed?

Any act of file sharing that violates copyright laws is prohibited by the college. The college must cooperate with proper authorities if an inquiry is made into a user’s activities. File sharing has its uses, if it is limited to public domain materials and to materials for which a user possesses a license.

Is there help for student-athletes who arrive early?

Yes. The Help Desk is open throughout the year and is available to assist early arrivals.

Can I get a work study student job in CIT?

Yes. Within CIT, both the User Support (Help Desk) and Media Services Teams have openings for work study students.

What is the best cellular telephone carrier for use on campus?

There is no one cellular carrier that performs better than other carriers or a particular carrier that performs poorly as compared to other carriers.

Does Moravian support e-book readers?

With the plethora of e-book readers and other mobile devices, CIT strives to assist with the network connection between these devices and the College’s wireless network in order to access Moravian’s on-line resources and resources outside the College.

Is there Guest Wireless access?

Yes. Moravian College and Theological Seminary Guest Wireless network is a service that allows guests, those users who do not have a Moravian College login/network ID, to access to the Internet during a visit to Moravian College. Moravian faculty, staff, and students should NOT use the Guest Wireless Network due to its limited-access capabilities. Who do I contact if I have additional questions? Contact the Help Desk at 610-625-7929, e-mail at help@moravian.edu, or stop by Memorial Hall, room 102, Monday-Thursday 7:00am-7:30pm and Fri. 7:00 am-4:30 pm.