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Moravian College to host LVAIC Conference in Women’s Studies

Bethlehem, Pa., March 31, 2005— Moravian College will host the eleventh annual LVAIC Undergraduate Conference in Women’s Studies on Saturday, April 2. The event is sponsored by the Women’s Studies Coalition of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges. Students from LVAIC schools will present their work in women’s lives, women’s issues, and gender issues. Submissions may take the form of papers, presentations, videos, artwork, or original literature. The LVAIC includes Moravian, Cedar Crest College, DeSales University, Lafayette University, Lehigh University, and Muhlenberg College. Albright College is an associate member and will also send students to the conference.

The six Moravian students presenting are Sarah F. Baer, Ashley Garrett, Jessica Hittinger, Heather Leigh McGarvie, Eileen Snover, and Kelly Steward.

Baer, a senior music major from Easton, Pa., will present a piece titled “Proposed Changes for the Health Center at Moravian College: Caring for the Female Student.” She is joined by fellow seniors McGarvie (Medford, N.J.) and Snover (Bath, Pa.), offering “Experiencing Abortion” and “Shattered Glass: Sexist Media Messages' Contribution to the Culture of Thin," respectively. McGarvie is an art major, and Snover is an English major.

Ashley Garrett, a junior from Bangor, Pa., will present “The Legacy of Double Oppression: Gender and Race in Harriet Ann Jacobs' 'Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.'" Sophomore Kelly Steward (Whitehall, Pa.) will read her paper “An Exploration of Female Sex-Selective Abortion in India." Hittinger’s work is called “The Chiko Andolan Movement: Hindu Women Making an Impact with Environmental Action Steeped in Religious Tradition"

To register for the conference, contact Theresa Dougal at 610-861-1389 or Lori Hoffman at 610-625-7769. Registration costs $10.