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Pre-Physical Therapy

Health Professions Advisor: Dr. Stephen Dunham


Moravian College recognizes the importance of a strong liberal arts curriculum of which the natural sciences play an integral part.  After completing undergraduate coursework at Moravian, students will have developed the necessary communication and educational skills to succeed in a multitude of professional school opportunities. These opportunities span from doctoral programs to graduate programs in the health sciences. Students interested in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary school, as well as other professional programs, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other allied health professions, will find guidance and assistance from the Health Professions Office.  Personalized academic timelines as well as one-on-one time with an advisor will ensure that students have the academic resources that are essential to pursuing their career goals. Many Moravian students major in a "traditional major," such as biology, biochemistry, or psychology, using their elective slots to take pre-requisite courses for admission to the graduate program of their choosing. Other students will self-design a major, such as biopsychology, based on the necessary prerequisite courses for admission to the program they wish to pursue, and building on their personal interests and strengths.

Internships, field studies and volunteer activities are encouraged and can be discussed further at your convenience.

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