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Professors Collaborate on Book Examining Influences of Language in Spanish-speaking Nations

Bethlehem, Pa., April 22, 2005—Moravian College professors have collaborated to publish a book that examines how other languages influence Spanish-speaking nations. Carmen Ferrero-Pino, associate profess of Spanish, and Nilsa Lasso-von Lang, assistant professor of Spanish, spent one and a half years collecting chapters from professors at universities in the United States and Europe and combining the source material to create a single resource. The book is titled Variedades Lingüísticas y Lenguas en Contacto en el Mundo de Habla Hispana (Linguistic Varieties and Languages in Contact in the Hispanic World of Speech) and written entirely in Spanish.

The book explores a brief history of the Spanish in Spain, and in the Americas; the influences of diverse native languages and the languages of other settlers (for example, Italian in Argentina) in American and Caribbean Spanish-speaking countries; and the current state of the Spanish language in Spain. Also examined is the use of the Internet and other new technologies to learn foreign languages and to share linguistic information.

Lasso-von Lang, Ferrero-Pino, along with Mirta Pimentel, visiting instructor of Spanish at Moravian College, each authored a chapter in the book. Included are other chapters that were written by professors from the Spanish Universities of Salamanca, Córdoba, Sevilla, Oviedo and the Autonomous University of Madrid and American institutions, including the University of Arizona, Michigan State University, Princeton University, Western Michigan University, University of Missouri-Columbia and the College of Westchester.

Dr. Carmen Ferrero-Pino is an associate professor of Spanish at Moravian. She received a Licenciatura en Filología from the University of Valladolid, Spain. She earned a master’s degree in teaching methodology from the University of Maine and a doctorate in Spanish literature from Rutgers University. Her research interests include Spanish Peninsular literature and theater, literary theory, and women’s studies.

Dr. Nilsa Lasso-Von Lang is assistant professor of Foreign Languages at Moravian College. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Northern Iowa and her doctorate from the University of Arizona. Her research interests are Central American women writers, linguistic varieties and language in contact and changes, bilingualism and dialectology, and the culture and literature of the Hispanic world.

The book was published by AuthorHouse™, based in Bloomington, Indiana, the world's largest self-publishing house, providing premier book publishing and marketing services for authors. The book can be purchased at www.authorhouse.com